Monday, October 31, 2005

This is one of those days when I can't stop posting. I'm going to the Village Halloween parade later, so I'll probably put up pictures.

Anyway, this meme, with a few questions snipped, is from Poppy.

2. Whom would you most like to kill?
No one, though there are a few people I find annoying.

3. Would you shoot, stab, or strangle him/her? Discuss.

4. Favorite element?
Chlorine came to mind.

8. Burial or cremation?
Cremation. The very thought of burial makes me claustrophobic.

9. Paper or plastic?

10. Divorce or murder?

11. Mini-blinds or granny drapes?
Neither. I like lots of natural light.

12. Do I look fat in this?

13. Who's better, the Beatles or the Stones?

14. Don't you hate it when people say "EYE-talian" instead of "IH-talian"?
I've never heard anyone say that, but it would be annoying.

15. What kind of siding do you have on your house? Who gives a shit?
It's a brick apartment building.

17. Have you ever shot a man just to watch him die? Explain.
No. Have you?

18. What is your most shameful Home Shopping Network purchase? Is it a figurine of some sort? It is? EEEEEWWWWWWW....
I can honestly say I've never bought anything from HSN.

19. Stucco or EIFS?

20. extra mayo or hold the mayo?
Hold the mayo.

21. What's cooler, the quadratic equation or Avogadro's number?
Didn't Avogadro's number have something to do with moles? Not the animal kind, but still. I like that.

22. Tesla: heavy metal band or inventor/scientist?
Heavy metal band.

23. Who sent this to you, and are they so fucking dead the next time you see them?
No one sent it to me, I saw it over at Poppy's.

24. The Clash: Should they stay or should they go?
They can stay. I like "Rock the Casbah."

25. The one dentist out of ten who hated Trident... man or myth?

26. Nick and Jessica or Sonny and Cher?
Sonny and Cher.

27. Is "Forte" (as in, piano is not my forte) pronounced "Fortay" or "Fort?" And do you really give two shits? Really? Oh. Okay then.
When it's used as a direction in music - it's pronounced "fortay."
When you say "Cooking is my forte" - the e is silent.

28. Can you sing all the words to that song by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam--you know the one where they mispronounce "Que Sera Sera?"

29. Which "Heather" are you? "Tweety", "Megabitch" or "Corn Nuts"? Explain.
Corn Nuts, I guess.

30. Most of your time on the computer is spent: a.) doing work, 2.) looking at porn or c.) trying out out-witty your friends and family with mockeries of email chain letters
Blogging and writing.

31. Do you have a trophy husband who looks like Cary Elwes? You don't? Well Jege does. Ha ha ha.
My husband has been told he looks like Emilio Estevez, Jerry Seinfeld and "Skinny Joey" (a friendly Philadelphia gangster). I don't know what Cary Elwes looks like.

32. Were you born a poor, black child? I was.

33. Have YOU found YOUR "special purpose?" Cite examples.
Writing. Maybe yoga too. And cooking.

34. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush: Axis of Evil or Trio of Idiots?
Trio of Idiots.

35. Which best describes you? a.) Trump's "You're Fired" b.) Flo's "Kiss My Grits" c.) This plate of mashed yeast.

B. Also, Adam Sandler says "Kiss my grits" when he sees his ex-girlfriend in The Wedding Singer, one of my favorite movies.

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