Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm pretty sure I have strep again. Yesterday, my throat started to hurt, and today I saw white spots on my tonsils. One of the glands in my neck is swollen. Grrr. I read somewhere about someone getting a penicillin shot and then they stopped getting strep over and over. Maybe that is more effective than the pills. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow morning.

Friday, April 26, 2013

There is a girl in Eric's class whom all the boys like. They want to walk home with her and marry her. One of them is even talking about rings. One of the other moms asked Eric, who seems immune to her so far, "Who do you want to marry?" He thought about it and said, "I'm going to decide when I'm older."

I'm knitting this:

And got a springy pocketbook:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reading a really good nonfiction book by Elinor Lipman - a collection of essays, most of them previously published, called I Can't Complain. One of the pieces appeared in the Boston Globe - an (erroneous) prediction of how Sex and the City would end, but she did neatly encapsulate the charm of the show - "a paper-moon land sans parents, inhibitions or comfortable shoes." She also described Aidan as a "hunky cabinetmaker," reminding me that he was my favorite of Carrie's boyfriends. Did anyone else find Big not appealing at all? Smarmy? Aidan was so sincere and genuine.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fearless child

I'm sure I have talked about this before, but it keeps reaching new heights. E was a fairly cautious child; even at age 2, he was afraid to go down the "curly slide." Z immediately goes to the tallest, scariest curly slide and plunges right down. Until last night, D had an exercise bike in the living room and she would use it as a stepping stone to climb onto the windowsill. He moved the bike to E's room and shut the door. This morning, I saw her eyeing the windowsill - How can I get up there? After a few seconds, she pulled over one of the little green chairs from E's little blue table and used it to climb onto the windowsill. (She also, unfortunately, has long legs, so she can climb pretty much everything.)

I don't really know what to do about fearless child syndrome. I try taking her to the playroom a lot, where the windows don't really have sills, but that gets boring after a while. I guess all I can do is hope that it will pass?

Monday, April 15, 2013

So this weekend I happened to be up near Columbia and saw this big concert going on. I had no idea who the performers were, but the students on the steps of the library were very excited to see them. So I asked E's babysitter (who goes to Barnard) who the band was. She said, "Oh yeah! Bacchanal!" I've never heard of them, have you?

E is getting really into chapter books and I'm reading all these childhood favorites, like George's Marvelous Medicine and The Twits, with him. I like Roald Dahl's twisted sense of humor.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

So I'm reading The Trail of the Spellmans. Very funny book about a snarky detective living in San Francisco. The series was supposed to end, and then the author decided to start it up again. There's a new one coming out soon.

I'm currently hooked on old movies. Zoe loves to watch them with me. Basically anything with Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn, or directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Almost any movie in those categories is good.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It happened.

I remember when everyone said, "You'll forget the pain of childbirth." I never thought I would. But I have. I remember that it wasn't a picnic, but the sensation of pain has faded away.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So Zoe's "new" music class started today. It really just cycles on indefinitely, but every few months they say it's a new class, we pay a new fee, some new parents join and some others drop out. I found out that one of the kids is moving back to Australia. Two of the kids are named Heath and Walker, and a hipster dad showed up today, with a beard, horn-rimmed glasses and an anchor tattoo.

Zoe no longer sits in my lap for the whole class. She moves around, dances, climbs on chairs and dances on them.

Reading a new book called The Mothers by Jennifer Gilmore, about adoption. That topic has always held a strange fascination for me.

Monday, April 08, 2013

So it seems that Hillary Clinton may be running for President in 2016. I think it's about time to have a female President, but I don't think she will win. Too many people hate her. My brother's MIL, who is a staunch Republican, briefly registered as a Democrat so she could vote for Obama during the primaries (before Obama's first election). That was how much she didn't want Hillary to win. And I think a lot of people feel like that. I'd like to see Elizabeth Warren as a candidate. But I guess she has not been in the public eye long enough.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Mary Tyler Moore

I saw on Amazon that a book is coming out about the Mary Tyler Moore show. Initially, network executives said that no one would want to watch a show about "men with mustaches," among other things. But of course the show was a success. This brought back memories for me of watching Mary Tyler Moore as a child. I was pretty young, so I don't remember much about it aside from how I spelled her name mentally. I had only ever heard her name pronounced with a Boston accent, so I thought it was Mary Tyla Moore.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

So we've been getting a steady stream of rejection letters for our novel, some more encouraging than others. (One said it was really funny and spot-on, though the genre was out of her comfort zone.) I sent a few queries out yesterday and had a good feeling about one of the agents; she recently represented an interesting-looking author. Plus, she just seemed cool. Today there was a really nice email from her in my inbox, saying that our book looked really fun and she'd love to look at it. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

So we got home from vacation to find a terrible smell in the kitchen. I put some baking soda in the sink drain and lit some cinnamon candles, but the smell remained. Then I lifted a pot lid that was on the kitchen table and saw a dead mouse beneath it. One of the worst things I have ever seen. D is going to clean it off the table after he takes a shower (I would personally take the shower afterward, but whatever) and I ordered some peppermint oil online. Pinterest said it drives mice away and they have not let me down yet. Another piece of valuable advice from them: If you buy bananas in a bunch, separate them as soon as you get home from the store. They won't turn brown as quickly.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Today the sun came out and we went to the pool, where E had a virgin chocolate mudslide. We also saw an alligator lounging in front of the hotel.