Sunday, October 23, 2005

I fell asleep at 4:52 last night (or that was the last time I saw on the digital clock). For some reason, although it was not this way in college, if I drink even one glass of something alcoholic, I am up almost all night and sleep becomes a distant dream.

The day began really well yesterday. We had backbends at yoga school, which was great. One girl who has had problems with depression said that they're an antidepressant, and I have to say it's true. After backbending all day I was so blissed out that I forgot my mat and had to trek back to get it before dinner.

We had dinner at Lasagna, which was surprisingly un-campy, although the waiters are starting to recognize us. I got lasagna primavera and a glass of zinfandel. So pink and so lethal :(

The night before we went to Thailand Restaurant with S and his new girlfriend C. It was nice to have S back - he'd been living in the Midwest for a while, where he grew up.

Oh well, today will be a better day. I am already digging my oatmeal. Someone said on Kim's blog that if you give up high fructose corn syrup, you will lose weight. I have to say it's true. My jeans are loose and I don't have any cravings. D and DG both got dessert last night and I had no interest in sampling it!


Capybaras United said...

The mat trek was a blissful trek! Today's word is, "apoodb".

Carolyn said...

Can I call you Pearlie Mammie from now on?

Bearette24 said...

If I can call you your '20s name ;)

Carolyn said...

Now I'll have to take the quiz!