Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You'll be happy to know I dragged myself to the pool today. I enjoyed it once I was there. The pink noodle and I swam slow laps for 20 minutes.

I also saw my pool friend. I'm usually shy with new people unless they're the friend of a friend, but this woman is very easy to talk to. She spotted my belly when I was getting out of the pool a few weeks ago and asked me a couple of questions. Turns out she is pregnant too -- but does not look it. She actually has a bigger frame than me, not in a fat way but a broad-shouldered, powerful swimmer way -- but her stomach is like a hard little apple. It's nuts!

When I got home, I did a search for due date statistics. It turns out most women, 37% or so, give birth between 40 and 41 weeks...June 10th-16th for me. But two of my friends gave birth recently and one was 2 days before her due date (39th week) and the other was 3 days before her due date (39th week). We shall see.

Another thing I have noticed is that NO ONE wants to talk about her labor. I can email a friend asking, "How was your labor?" and she'll write back, "Here, want to see some pictures of my baby?"



Third trimester is, in a way, the most dastardly of all...the energy and well-being of second trimester has I'm lugging around a bowling ball and trying to find the energy to go about everyday life. Deep fatigue and insomnia are a hideous mix.

On the bright side...I love feeling him move. Sometimes he even does it when I walk now (formerly a quiet time for him). And after dinner he wiggles all his limbs, as if to say, "Yay! I just had some potatoes!" It's endearing.

One of D's cousins gave me a copy of Belly Laughs...Jenny McCarthy's account of her pregnancy...not something I would have picked up on my own, but I enjoyed it. Who knew a celebrity could be so relatable? She even gained 60 lbs to my 43 (a total I am trying not to raise, although the carrot cake did win the carrot cake vs. popsicle battle tonight). At one point, she says she baked a pan of brownies each night and ate the whole pan by herself...D said, "And she only gained 60 lbs???" My thoughts exactly...she was lucky not to gain 100!

Anyway, as I may have mentioned, my life force is slipping away so I may just be doing yoga rather than the yoga/swimming combo I've been doing...even though I've done the yoga DVD so many times that I can recite the teacher's opening spiel by heart: "Hello, and welcome to Yoga Fit Pregnancy. I'm Heather Seiniger. I'm a yoga teacher, and I'm also a mom. Doing yoga during pregnancy kept me happy, healthy and calm."

I *want* to like Madonna's new CD, but I'm not sure I do. I listened to bits online and I may or may not purchase it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tiredness trumps hunger

So I was returning from a veggie burger excursion tonight (D is at a family thing out-of-state) and I got the urge for something sweet. The dilemma was:

1) a square of carrot cake from the corner grocer


2) fat-free Edy's Fruit Bar (a popsicle, really) from my freezer.

The popsicle won, because the carrot cake would have required me to walk an extra block.

D and I saw Baby Mama on Friday (no movie would be complete without a guy in the ticket line yelling, "Better hope you won't deliver in the theater, huh?"), but remarks from random morons aside, it was quite enjoyable. Although I must admit the video featured in the movie (no clips were shown, thankfully) gave me pause. The video was entitled: "Extreme Delivery!!" and showed mothers delivering 15-lb infants.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Much ado about nothing

So I was really stressed about my appointment with Dr. ____ today. You may remember, my regular doctor warned me that he would say I had gained too much weight, though she told me she wasn't concerned at all and she gained more weight than me in her pregnancy and she even pointed out that she is 7 inches shorter (which was nice of her. My doctor rocks.) So, anyway, because I'm such a non-anxious person, I got worked up about the visit. I've always been pretty healthy and never been chastised about my weight or whatever. So I was dreading it.

But I got there and he was very mild-mannered and nice. Other than the fact that his exam room was hotter than Hades (I was dabbing at my face, neck and arms with damp paper towels before he got there; his sink actually had foot pedals), it was fine. He saw my Lemony Snicket book and told me how his daughter likes that series. He said I was measuring perfectly (they measured my belly). I stiffened when he said, "You had a big weight gain a few visits back...", but then he concluded, "You didn't gain anything on this visit, so it looks fine." And that was the worst of it.

Now I just have to get through the strep B test on the next visit. He was reassuring about that, too, saying that the test is "not uncomfortable." I had read that 25% of women are strep B positive, but he said in his experience it's more like 60% and not to worry if I turn out to be positive. Of course I'm a little worried, because they give you penicillin during labor if you're positive, and I thought I was allergic to penicillin, though Mom says I'm not. But I'll just bring it up with my doctor next time. There must be some way of finding out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Annoying people -- can't ignore 'em, can't kill 'em

When you're pregnant, annoying people come out of the woodwork. Granted, I've heard the following so many times...

1) You're big!
2) You're so big!
3) You're big for x weeks!
4) Twins?

...that they barely penetrate.

But today, some STRANGER stopped me on the street and asked me where I was going to send E to school. I gave her the polite version of "None of your @*@#^@! business," i.e., "I'm not going to get in a discussion about schools."

Even that didn't get her to stop talking! As I walked away, she yelled after me, "Do you live here? There aren't many schools around here." I didn't tell her this, but we're planning to send E to D's school, which is not in the neighborhood, and it's still NONE OF HER BUSINESS.

So, if you see a pregnant woman (and this is not directed to my emotionally intelligent blog friends, but rather strangers who may stumble across my blog), you can smile, or leave her alone, or say, "I'm sorry about the annoying strangers you have to deal with."

I'm also told that you still look pregnant for a while after the baby comes. Does that mean I'm in for a few more months of this?

To end my venting session on a positive note -- some people are very sweet. One woman said to me today, "I hope you have a good delivery."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tidbits from today:

1) I went swimming this morning. A while ago, I asked myself, "Who are you trying to impress?" and gave in to the urge to use a pink noodle under my arms while I do the breaststroke. This way, I can do 30 minutes of laps and not get tired. Anyway, the old man I was sharing the lane with said, "You move at a remarkable clip! I thought I would have to pass you, but you were always ahead of me." I wonder if it's that I was fast (thanks to a little help from my pink noodle friend) or he was slow. But it was a nice compliment all the same :)

2) I was contemplating my toenails and realizing I should clip them, but this is a Herculean task that is just not going to get done -- by me, anyway. I'm still shaving my legs but even that involves gymnastic contortions, and toenail clipping requires fine motor skills in addition to the contortions (shaving just requires broad strokes). And I'm too much of a germophobe (and cheap/frugal/whatever) to get a pedicure. Can't you get toenail fungus that way? Ugh.

3) I finished a book today that featured a pregnant woman. It said something like, "She had gained too much weight and felt like an ox." I feel like an ox. My MIL says I am "glowing", but even if I am, I'm a glowing OX. (I like the word ox, by the way - it probably has a high Scrabble value.)

4) The sheer volume of my eating is starting to astonish me. Today I had 2 bowls of cereal (shredded wheat), a whole bunch of watermelon, strawberry nonfat yogurt, a veggie burger, air-baked "fries," beans and rice with cheese, corn, guacamole and lettuce, an apple, and a brownie. I think the only "bad" thing was the brownie (guacamole has some nutritional value, right?) but look at the amount of food. Oh well. Last summer I read Baby Love, in which Rebecca Walker (Alice Walker's daughter) described her pregnancy experience. She said she once ate, in a sitting, a loaf of bread, an entire chicken and a bottle of mineral water. And yet we have gained around the same amount of weight. Life, as they say, is not fair. (For some reason I find that expression a little bit comforting. I think Harriet did too, in Harriet the Spy.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

On dignity

(If you're allergic to TMI, skip this one.)

So I did open that packet from my hospital and skimmed through the materials. Most of them were about innocuous housekeeping matters. Fill out this form! Pick a pediatrician to examine E in the hospital! (They have a referral line you can call, which is pretty cool.) Tell your insurance that you're going to give birth! (The biweekly prenatal visits might have tipped them off, but ok.) Add the baby to your insurance policy!

And then...they sneaked this in: "You will be tested for strep B. This is not an STD. 25% of women have this bacteria." Then they described the doctor's test for it. That's when I stopped reading in dismay.

Basically, they swab your lady parts, AND your nether parts. Ahem.

The irony here is, they really haven't gotten up in my business that much, so I thought maybe they wouldn't. Now I can see that I was wrong. (Is that ironic, or just unlucky? I remember Alanis Morissette's song was criticized on those grounds.)

My mom assures me that I'll have no dignity after my delivery so it's good to get it out of the way.

I suppose she's right :D I do feel bad for the nurses, though. I mean...who wants to do that?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Message loud and clear

I'll be honest...I don't check the mail that often. Sometimes you get a gift, or a card, or an Amazon package, but more often it's bills or coupons for a free rug cleaning. We have a hardwood floor.

Today I got a big packet emblazoned with my hospital's name and logo.

I haven't opened it yet.

The message is loud and clear: Soon you'll be giving birth. You'll be pushing (probably) a 9-lb baby through an area that is really too small for this sort of thing.

And yet, I'm relieved. Because I want to meet him!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's funny how music can transport you to another time and place...I heard "I Wanna Dance (With Somebody Who Loves Me)" tonight and wham, I was in sixth grade. The future was so bright, Whitney had to wear shades.

Later, I was trying to listen to Carole King's "Tapestry", but that CD is marred by another, worse association. During first trimester, when I was nauseous for THREE MONTHS, one of the few things that made me feel better was listening to "Tapestry." Now I can't play the CD because it brings back that wavy, shaky, icky nauseous feeling. Sorry, Carole.

I was pleased to hear "The Right Stuff" a few days ago, though. Did you know the New Kids on the Block are reuniting? I was never a hard-core fan -- in other words, couldn't match names to faces -- but I welcome the revival of anything '80s. And I did see them open for Tiffany once (although the concert I *really* wanted to see was Def Leppard).

I remember being at a sleepover in eighth grade and all the other girls revealed which NKOTB member they had a crush on. I remained silent -- again, I wasn't sure who was who -- and felt horribly alienated from my classmates :(

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In the heights

Today we saw In the Heights, a new play on Broadway, with my SIL and a couple other people. My SIL went to high school with someone in the cast or crew so we got a discount. Also, the seats were big and roomy, and the ushers let me use the handicapped bathroom (no line, no stairs). So Bearette was happy.

And the play was amazing! We were coming off a bad Broadway streak (Rock 'n' Roll by Tom Stoppard - ugh - and a Chinese New Year Extravaganza at Radio City Music Hall - not Broadway, but close enough). This production was a pleasant surprise. It had a fun urban sensibility, great dancing, and the energy of the actors was "off the charts," as D said. Aside from a couple cliched "I'm gonna fly" tearjerking songs, I couldn't find any fault with it. It was set in the primarily Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights (hence the name).

D felt a couple of plot points stretched credulity...but I didn't notice. I was enjoying the singing and dancing too much ;) It was the only play I can remember where I was more into the music and dance than the story.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The unbearable heaviness of being

I got weighed today.

But the doctor is not worried about my weight gain at all. She calculated my weight gain since October (mind you, I got pg in September, but I hadn't been weighed since May. I was using my May weight as a starting point. But now I'll use the October weight, like my doctor did. Because doctors know best!). Anyway, she said, "I'm not concerned at all. You're probably going to be under fifty. How tall are you?"

"Five seven."

She made a pshaw-type sound. "I'm five zero, and I gained fifty pounds. I'm not worried at all," she assured me. "Just don't see my partner, Dr. ___. He'll tell you you've gained too much weight."

"I'm seeing him next time."

"Oh, when he says that...just let it roll off," she said airily.

Actually, I have my response planned. If he tells me I gained too much weight, I'll advise him, "If you had ever been pregnant, you would know that you don't have much control over the process." Then I'll gently brush my eyebrow with my middle finger :)

D, ever the diplomat, suggests that I ask him, "Were you able to keep weight off when you were pregnant?" I just might do that.

On a more positive note, strawberry milk is delightful.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Shake that bootie

I just finished knitting another bootie. I like this one better than the first pair I made. And yes, another one is on the way (although I probably won't take a picture, since it'll look the same ;)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

On seniors, parties and smells

So D and I went to a birthday party tonight. A couple of noteworthy things happened:

1) A drunk girl, also celebrating her birthday, came over, high-fived the birthday boy, and distributed party hats to our table.

2) I met a French girl named France (one of the birthday boy's friends). She said matter-of-factly, "I am France, that is my name."

May I also mention...unrelated to the above...there is no advantage to having a heightened sense of smell? None. The *only* time it is an advantage is when I walk by the pie place near my pool...D thinks they are purposely wafting the scent of freshly baked goods onto the sidewalk. Other than that...not so good. I remember, before I even knew for sure I was pregnant, the subway car smelled like they were roasting peanuts on it. I thought I was losing my mind...and then I saw that the man next to me was eating a small packet of peanuts.

Also, I am a little jealous of the seniors in my building! They have such a good time. They have short story and poetry jams, "100 Moments of Seinfeld," trips to Atlantic City (organized by people named Irma and Ethel), movie nights followed by pizza (this month's selection is Juno), and special plays where you have to be 55 and up to get a part. They even have Social Sundays, when they eat pancakes and omelettes together at a local diner.

By the time I get old (knock on wood, I am very superstitious), seniors will probably be so commonplace, what with improved longevity and all, that we'll probably get no special treatment :(

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm still plugging away with swimming and yoga, because exercise is my Prozac, but much of the time I am really, really lazy and tired...did you know being pregnant (first and third trimester, anyway) is like having mono? I had deja vu and realized I was flashing back to that time.

I think my body is transferring iron to E now and that's why I'm so tired. The doctor said it was normal. I think it's the equivalent of giving blood 3-4 times or something.

I finished knitting a white sock with red hearts on it, which I will try to photograph when the laziness fades (although I might just put up a pic of the second sock, when I'm done with that! Because the second sock always comes out better).

I met the most affectionate cat in the world. Correction: I met her a while ago, but she lived in a watch repair shop where you had to be buzzed in *and* out. It creeped me out that the watch repairman could keep you there against your will (not that he did, he seems nice enough). It's just the principle of the thing.

Anyway, now it's a combined barber shop/watch repair shop. The black cat seems to have been renovated out of the picture (I hope he's just hiding in the back) but the gray cat is very much in evidence. She purrs so loudly and enthusiastically, it's like an outboard motor...and she rubs her head all over your arms. I saw her eyeing my lap speculatively, but she rightly concluded that there's not enough lap there for her. There's a big basketball in the way!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Are you ready for the cuteness?

Here's the sweater I just finished making for E.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It feels like there is a bowling ball in my pelvis. A heavy one. Not the kind you use with candlepin bowling. But I guess it's normal. The doctor I saw last time told me everyone has pelvic pain and everyone has back pain; the thing to worry about is if my whole stomach gets hard. That's an early contraction. I'm glad she told me that, because I had no idea what a contraction felt like.

I should tell you we had a very good dinner tonight. D was going to his doctor and so we met at this Burmese place near the doctor's office. I had steamed vegetables with peanut sauce on the side (they serve it that way :) and yellow rice which had bits of corn in it. The rice might sound iffy to you, but it worked. The dessert (which they gave us automatically) consisted of fresh orange slices.

If they were closer, I'd go there more often.