Friday, October 28, 2005

I feel so productive! I woke up early (for me), cranked out two pages of my novel, and revised my ustrasana sequence (part of my yoga homework - we had to write a sequence of poses leading up to a backbend. The backbend is called camel pose, or ustrasana).

Tomorrow is going to be super busy. I'm going to the soup kitchen with AT for my "karmic yoga" assignment. AT has warned me that toward the end of the month, the soup kitchen denizens are running low on their welfare checks and there can be fights. I will try to send peaceful vibes to everyone. I am also going to wear old clothes. That seems like a good idea, yes?

Then there will be 5 hours of anatomy class, which is actually one of the toughest subjects we've studied in yoga school. T is used to it because she majored in dance in college, and they actually played around with corpses and labeled them. For me the language stuff (Sanskrit) is much easier. My mind is much more verbal than scientific (except bio, which I like).

Then there will be a kirtan (another thingy I need to go to, to fulfill my requirements), but I am actually looking forward to it. The kirtan will be led by Bhagavan Das, a guy who is apparently 6'3" without his dreads, 6'8" with (that's what I heard, but it's probably an exaggeration). T went to his kirtan last week and says I "will groove on it." ;) For your info, a kirtan is an event where everybody sings in Sanskrit for 2 hours, and some people get up and dance! We'll see what happens. My mentor is also a big Bhagavan Das fan, and says he has gone to BD events with a fever and ended up not able to sit still.

Tonight we might see Capote, in which case I'll fill y'all in.

And thanks for listening to all my blatherings. Your blogs - especially Liz's doggy and whimsical observations, Bdogg's quizzes, and Lisa's book lists - make my day a yummier place ;) And who can forget Frema's new glasses? And Carolyn's children's wall art ;)

P.S. I thought you might all like to know - I bought 2 songs from iTunes last night.

Madonna's new single (in which she blatantly samples another song, but it's good anyway)
"Lucky Man" by The Verve


Carolyn said...

John Travolta gay! Say it ain't so!

Bearette24 said...

I know, it's awful! I have a shrine to him in my living room, you know.

Lisa said...

I love camel pose! It's one of the only backbends that I can do.

Good luck with the soup kitchen and the kirtan. Can't wait to read all about both!

Carolyn said...

Oop, put that comment after the wrong entry. Duh.

My sympathies on anatomy class. I am not a big science fan.

Carolyn said...

Then I put oop instead of oops. I was calling myself duh, not you BTW. I'm not making sense this morning am I? Think I'll go have some coffee. Yeah, I love John Travolta.

Bearette24 said...

Thanks Lisa!

C, I knew what you meant ;)

kitkat said...

This yoga business sounds like tough stuff. I doubt most people realize how much work you're doing.

Bearette24 said...

It is. It feels like more work than law school. Fortunately, the homework is starting to taper off (at least a little).