Sunday, August 31, 2008

One of my blog friends is about to give birth, and perhaps has done so already! The suspense is killing me :)

A scary thing happened on the bike path today. It was pretty clogged because a lot of people decided to hit the path on Labor Day weekend. (Which, coincidentally, always makes me sad - it's like saying goodbye to summer.) Anyway, I saw a motorized wheelchair chugging along ahead of me. Those things are definitely dangerous.

A guy on a bike started to pass the wheelchair on the left. Then, without warning, the wheelchair took a sharp left and collided with the bike. The bicyclist fell off his bike, but I think he was more shaken than hurt. Amazingly, the wheelchair person (I couldn't tell the gender from behind) was completely oblivious. No "sorry," nothing. The cyclist stared at the wheelchair for a minute and I knew that if a wheelchair had not been involved, there would have been tons of profanity. As it was, the cyclist pulled himself together, said "Whew, that was close," and continued.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The real reason mothers cut their hair

Did you ever notice that mothers in movies always have short hair? Robin Wright chops her tresses after she has Forrest Gump's kid. I always assumed it was a time issue. I'll keep mine long, I told myself. It can't take that much longer to wash long hair than short hair.

The real reason? Because babies spit up in your hair. A lot. It's happened twice today already, and I'm too lazy to take another shower. Maybe I should just shave my head. I've been flirting with the idea since 2004.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Found the most fantastic babysitter. I am very pleased with her. She goes to college uptown and seems like a bona fide baby expert. She babysat for a pair of twins until they were 10, starting when they were 4 weeks old!

I used the time to go swimming, where I saw a friend of D's family (who offered to babysit any Wednesday or Friday) and my pool buddy (who is due next week). She was wearing a bikini, God bless her - I stopped wearing mine around 4 months and only recently donned it again.

After I swam, I lay out on the sun deck, which was awesome.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Giant step for mankind

I managed to trim the e-babe's nails today with a clipper - not a pair of scissors, like my mother and MIL advocate. What, do they have nerves of steel?

Am reading Cynthia Kaplan's Leave the Building Quickly - overall, not as good as Sedaris, but I did laugh a couple of times, which startled E, who was feeding.

I have a weird passion for microwave dinners, which I have been able to indulge while D is in Seattle, but it will definitely be nice to have him back :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tagged by Kitkat

This is a kind of original meme where you talk about 6 "unspectacular quirks"...hmm.

1. I have seen the Basket Case movies. These are such dreadful horror movies that they are actually kind of good. They involve a twin who is kept in a basket. The sequel is called: "Basket Case 2: Time for a Bigger Basket." I think the reason my family saw these was that my brother-in-law is from Glens Falls, where these movies were made, or set, or something.

2. I came across the word "Egypt" in my reading when I was very young (kindergarten or before) and pronounced it Eggy-pit. D likes this pronunciation :)

3. I like pigs.

4. I used to get an anonymous valentine (among the usual signed ones) on Valentine's Day in elementary school. It really piqued my curiosity.

5. I used to love circus peanuts (the fluffy, orange candy kind) as a kid. D can't stand them.

6. A couple of my favorite iTunes songs right now are "Everything She Wants" by Wham and "Levon" by Elton John. Actually, "Everything She Wants" is losing ground, but for a while it was my very favorite song.

A boy and his pillow

I know the last few pics are basically the same, but it was hard for me to eliminate any when he's so cute :)

There's also a picture of him laughing, but it's blurry...

Friday, August 22, 2008

I committed an act of violence on a duck.

This morning, construction drills woke me up. Needless to say, I was not pleased. The boys slept through (men are gifted that way).

So I took a shower, figuring it would give me some quiet time and let me unwind. Then I jumped when I heard this nasty cackling. We have this one rubber duck that cackles in a really menacing way whenever it's touched by anything - human hands and apparently water. I moved it away from the shower. It kept cackling. "Ha! Ha! Ha!" Imagine how annoying this is.

I moved the duck into a green plastic bowl we have in the bathroom - D used to soak his feet in it. The duck kept going.

So I grabbed it and threw it hard against the floor.

It stopped.

It was satisfying, but I felt kind of mean at the same time ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


D sent me a link to some personality quizzes that were featured in the Times. I haven't taken them all yet, but I liked this one. The results are actually kind of funny.

If you take it, feel free to post your results on your blog or in my comment section - I'm nosy that way ;) Here are mine...

Your personality tendencies in a nutshell...

You are very dependable and almost always follow through with your commitments. You are curious about many different things and highly value artistic expressions and ingenious thoughts. You show some tendency toward anxiety and worry. You are typically respectful toward others and dislike confrontation. You show some tendency toward being outgoing and sociable.'s guest psychologist Dr. Peggy has a little more, uh, informal interpretation of your traits...

About that "Disciplined" bubble...To always be responsible and dependable gets too heavy at times and you just have to shirk it all sometimes of and do something that is wild and crazy, like going to sleep WITHOUT brushing your teeth. Come and do your worst, dental bacteria! No one is arguing that you are not reliable; it's just that you differ from your very high conscientious peers in that you also have some streaks of impulsivity and can make some spontaneous decisions, rather than lumbering through all of the alternative scenarios. Maybe you're disorganized (God forbid), or perhaps you like to leave your dirty socks all over the house (the horror), or you're a procrastinator (that's the worst one of all). Whatever is the case, you are not conscientious to the extent that you bore people with your stodgy ways.

About that "Alternative" bubble...You are intellectually curious, imaginative, and literary. I do believe the technical term is "artsy fartsy." When reading poetry, the images may move you until you quiver with delight, or perhaps quivering from all of the espresso that you've been drinking. Speaking of caffeine, it would not be a big surprise if you indulged in other substances to heighten your senses. After all, whoever heard of creative geniuses who were sober? Freud was a coke-head, Hemingway was a fall-down drunk, and Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil, probably while high on wacky tabacky. You have quite the active fantasy life and are often in la la land, earning you the well-deserved nickname "space cadet" from your loved ones. Mostly, you're a lot of fun to hang out with because you're always game for whatever idea your non-medicated (but should be) friend has in mind. The next time someone suggests that you streak naked in the dead of winter, do think twice, or at least wear some mittens.

About that "Neurotic" bubble...If you were 100% neurotic, it would mean that you always felt stressed, anxious, and as a consequence of the first two emotions, depressed. Lucky for you your scores indicate that you are only about 50-75% neurotic. This means that you have some time off for good behavior and that there are many times when you feel balanced and calm. You may feel emotions very intensely and maybe even experience physiological cues to stress (sweating, quickening blood pressure, and faster heart beats are a few things that come to mind). However, you are able to control your rising anxiety with relative speed. Some people interpret neuroticism as a bad trait to have, but look at it this way - neurotic people are never bored with their own thoughts and their emotionally labile temperaments allow them to experience a whole range of feelings in very short periods of time. It's like the weather. If you don't like the mood, wait 5 minutes.

About that "Cooperative" bubble...Your scores would suggest that you tend to be more agreeable than you are competitive. What does that mean? For starters, it means that you have a fairly strong tendency to believe in social harmony and cooperation. You are a nice person. You want people to get along and do the right thing - for each other, for the greater humanity. That's not to say that you are a total pushover, but that you believe in the niceties of life. This is probably why you are very popular with people and have many friends. The difference between you and someone who is very high in agreeableness is that you have a bit of an edge. Maybe you laugh when people fall down and hurt themselves, maybe you secretly occasionally think people suck. Whatever it is that's holding you back from winning Ms. or Mr. Congeniality, that's also what makes you more interesting.

About that "Extraverted" bubble...I have a friend who can strike up a conversation with anyone: Nobel Peace prize nominees and winners, muppets, sanitation workers, perfect strangers, my crazy uncle Harry. My friend is a bona-fide extravert. Your scores indicate that while you tend to be extraverted, you also have some degree of reserve. Perhaps in some situations, you prefer to say less or maybe you have duct tape over your mouth. Either way, you may save your high energy for the situations when you have a need or desire to be "on" and your quiet moments for those with whom you feel most comfortable.
Am feeling more Zen. Of course, 6 1/2 straight hours sleep may have something to do with it :)

Just finished I Was Told There'd Be Cake, which was funny but a couple of essays left me scratching my head; and started American Wife, apparently a fictionalization of the life of Laura Bush. Of course I'm wondering which parts are true.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So my MIL will be in town on Monday and able to babysit E - but D will probably go away again over Labor Day weekend. Fat chance of my finding a babysitter then - actually, I can probably ask my SIL and there's a family friend who may be in town. I'm glad D's business is doing well, but still. Urg.

I signed up with a babysitting service at a local women's college, but they have to process my registration, which can take a "few days," before posting my job listing. I'm not sure why it takes a few days. Number of pages they need to process? Two. Oh well.

Not that I even like leaving him with babysitters. But I do want to exercise even in D's absence, so if I want to make it to the pool, that's that. Fortunately I have not had to leave him with a real (i.e., strange) babysitter yet - it's been all family friends and members.

Looking after a baby can be a lot of hard work during the "witching hour" - typically 5 or 7 pm, when he lets loose a little. I do love walking him in the stroller - he tends to be very peaceful then, and it's a bit like walking with a model/celebrity - everyone coos over his beauty :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I'm a little nervous. D leaves next Sunday for a few days so I will be on my own with the bebe. Having him here, I've been to bike and swim whenever I want. I do have some babysitting leads but the pickings are slim in the summer. A lot of people go away. Still, I should be able to get someone to look after him for a couple of hours so I can swim once. I just feel bad asking my SIL and her boyfriend because they sat really recently - last night, to be exact.

While they looked after E, D and I went to The Place. We sat next to some May-November combo with the woman being older and the guy looking like Leslie Howard. After listening to their conversation, I realized they were just friends. The food was fantastic - homemade goat cheese ravioli for an appetizer, vegetarian filo triangle for an entree, and for dessert I had some spiced Bartlett pear plus some white chocolate chip mousse off of D's plate - and if it sounds really good, that's because it was :)

I did realize last night that all my worries in the past have ceased to matter. Nothing I worried about during my pregnancy, for example, is relevant now. The same thing goes for worries during college, etc. So hopefully this epiphany will curb my worrying tendencies.

I'm reading my first non-trash book in a while - The Condition by Jennifer Haigh. I do have this habit of taking fiction too seriously, as if it were real. I keep feeling bad for the character who has Turners syndrome - she'll never exceed her childhood height of 4'8", be able to have babies, etc. But it's all made up!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm psyched because a friend of mine in publishing sent me 3 books today: American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld, America America by Ethan Canin and The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. They all look interesting and now my reading pile is nice and big - just the way I like it :)
So E slept 6 hours again - every time he does that, I feel like having a party. The past few nights have been like this: 6, 6, 5, 6.

His schedule is weird, though - the first shift goes from 9 pm to 3 am. I sleep from about 10 pm to 3 am. For some reason, after that, I'm wired and lie awake during the second shift (3-7 am), even though he is sleeping. I guess I'm a natural insomniac. Then I sleep again through his third shift - 7 am to 10:45 am.

The problem is, during the third shift, I'm too tired to stay awake during his feeding and put him back in the crib, so I sleep with him. I hope this doesn't "undo" his sleep training, making him unable to sleep alone. Then again, it's light out during the third shift, so he probably differentiates it from the first and second shifts, when we keep the whole apartment dark and quiet. D says not to worry about it. He says sleeping alone is a learned skill and now he's learned it and he can't unlearn it.

Another thing about E: he hates CVS. I brought him there yesterday, and sure enough, he started to scream when I was in the self-checkout. I am no longer mortified by public meltdowns, although the greeter (at the front of the store) fled. As soon as E was out of the store, he fell asleep in his stroller and continued to nap for half an hour at the apartment. So I'm pretty sure it's the store. He likes Borders and Buy Buy Baby, though.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, after all that, E is sleeping roughly 6-hour chunks now...which I think is the medical definition of sleeping through the night.

The problem is, with all this bounty, I feel fully rested now and can't get back to sleep! But I'll give it another shot soon ;)

The timing is good - D has to go to Seattle on business August 25th-28th and I was worried about how I would make it without the other member of my team.

It's funny how you don't know he's slept through until you wake up - I assumed D had given him a bottle, but no.

This morning I swam, but it was a bit of an ordeal - I went to the "good" swim place I belong to, but we were all kicked out of the pool because it was thundering. The pool is on the top floor of that building, with a clear glass roof, but I really don't think we were in any danger. I decided to go to the "Get What You Pay For" gym - six bucks a month, no towels, soap or toilet paper, and the locker room floors are covered in hair and water. Also, they usually have "general swim" instead of "lap swim". General swim just means that people are swimming laps across the pool instead of up and down it, and the water gets very choppy and splashes in your mouth. But hey, I got my swim in.

I think E may not like spicy food - he cried when I nursed him at the Indian restaurant last night, and cried more when I nursed him at the Thai restaurant tonight (where the food was spicier). So I'll cut it out for a while.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So we had our first dinner out with E! Grown-up E and his girlfriend R joined us. Little E was very well-behaved - he got a little fussy, so I fed him while using my nursing cover. He is currently napping in the stroller.

So it looks like we won't need to get a babysitter to have dinner with our friends. It was nice to have adult company.

Friday, August 08, 2008

My cousin sent me some puns, I couldn't resist these four:

A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, "I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger."

Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says, "I've lost my electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive."

A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. "But why?" they asked, as they moved off. "Because," he said, "I can't stand chess-nuts boasting in an open foyer."

A woman has twins and gives them up for adoption. One of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named Ahmal. The other goes to a family in Spain; they name him Juan. Years later, Juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. Upon receiving the picture, she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of Ahmal. Her husband responds, "They're twins! If you've seen Juan, you've seen Ahmal."

Thursday, August 07, 2008

So D and I saw Mamma Mia! tonight. It was my first time leaving E with someone who wasn't my mother or D, and let's just say I was a tad nervous. But I shouldn't have been. We got home and found out E didn't cry at all. The sitter (a friend of D's family) sang and danced with him all night.

And the movie? Ultra campy. Will probably increase sales of Abba Gold. My favorite number was "Lay All Your Love On Me."

Monday, August 04, 2008

So E went to the pediatrician today. I'm getting the hang of putting the car seat into taxis - and of course, the magic words are, "You can start the meter." E was very good at the doctor's until he got his shots - diphtheria, polio and meningitis, I think - then his face turned red and he screamed. I was able to nurse him with my handy nursing cover in the waiting room, and that seems to be a cure for all ills.

Which brings me to another point - the doctor thinks he should only be getting up once a night (sleeping 3-hour stretches consistently, instead of 1 3-hour stretch followed by 2-hour stretches). She said I should put him in the crib, after making sure he is changed and fed, and let him get to sleep on his own - even if he cries. I don't know if I can do that.

He weighs 13 pounds and 12 ounces!