Monday, October 17, 2005

I just can't stop blogging. I'm going to do a meme I saw over at Bdogg's. I kind of see blogs as people's houses. Anyway:

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you look at?
My face. I also look closely for undereye bags. I don't have them lately because I've been sleeping in.

2. How much money do you have on you?
I think $6 (too lazy to get up and check my wallet).

3. What's the first word that comes to mind that rhymes with "TEST?"

4. Favorite plant?
Bob, the banana plant. He was dead when I moved in (D never watered him) and now he is a flourishing plantie.

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
It was a wrong number, I dialed it by accident when I was trying to call my voicemail, and then he called me back (I guess to see who I was).

6. What is your main ring tone on your phone?
Standard ring tone

7. What shirt are you wearing?
Peach or coral-colored tank top from Urban Outfitters (I think they call them over-dyed camis). You know, with the thin straps. I love them. They're usually 2 for $18.

8. Do you "label" yourself?
Not really. I'm a free spirit. Whee!

9. The brand of shoes you're currently wearing?

10. Bright or Dark Room?

11. What do you think of the person who took this survey before you?

12. Ever "spilled the beans?"
I'm really not good at keeping secrets.

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
I think I was online.

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell phone say?
I never text message. Did I mention that I'm an email person?

15. Do you ever click on "Pop Ups?"
Only by accident.

16. What's a saying that you say a lot?

17. Who told you they loved you last?

18. Last person you hooked up with?

19. Last furry thing you touched?
Sarah, an adorable miniature schnauzer I saw on the street.

20. How many drugs have you done in the past 3 days?
Let's see, I had Claritin, Benadryl and Dayquil today. Usually I would just have Claritin.

21. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?
None, I've switched to digital. Oh, I guess I have a really ancient roll. It was when the Republican National Convention came to town and I took pictures of all the angry demonstrators. They were all protesting one avenue block away from my apartment. I can tell you, a lot of people HATE Bush. It was a little scary. So, no rush to get it developed.

22. Favorite age you have been so far?
9. I loved 4th grade. It was as if everything was perfect and all the stars were aligned that year.

23. Your worst enemy?
I don't think I have any enemies. People who annoy me, yes (but I won't name them here ;)

24. What is your current desktop picture?
The standard PowerBook background: blue with wavy lines.

25. What was the last thing you said to someone?
I think I said "I'm going to do another blog entry" to D.

26. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to change a major regret?
Million bucks, because then I could pay my debt for the major regret (law school).

27. Are you in love with someone?

I won't tag anyone, but if you feel like playing, please do!

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Lish said...

Nice meme. I will have to do this one next week.