Thursday, May 31, 2007

Words of the day and "truth truth lie"

The first word of the day is callipygian. I kept coming across it when I was reading gossip items about Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel. In case you didn't know, Cameron doesn't heart Jessica, who is now dating Cameron's ex-boyfriend, the redoubtable Justin Timberlake. Now that a few brain cells have been killed, I kept coming across the phrase "the callipygian starlet" in reference to Jessica Biel. Realizing that if I don't understand all the words in a gossip column, something is wrong, I promptly looked it up.
It means having a nice butt.

Didn't that enhance your day?

The other word of the day is anvilicious. I found this word nestled over at Lisa's blog, but couldn't find it on I've been too lazy to crack open the bricks-and-mortar dictionary, so Lisa will have to tell us.

Now it's time for "truth truth lie", borrowed from Ms. L.

Eight items about me - pick which one is false.

1. I used to bite people on Friday the 13th.
2. I've only lived in three states in my life: Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.
3. I once had a roommate whose "stage" name was Patty Rocks. We didn't know specifically what she did; we were too afraid to ask.
4. Last Tango in Paris freaked me out when I saw it in college.
5. The first R-rated movie I saw was Child's Play (featuring the evil doll, Chucky).
6. I was once pulled over by a cop when driving, but didn't know what I did wrong.
7. I have never stayed at a job longer than a year and ten months.
8. I've been living in New York for 10 years.

Update: #8 is false. Amy solved the puzzle. Thanks to all who played :)


Lisa said...

I pick the lie as #7.

And anvilicious is a made up word. I think I stole it from Television Without Pity. It means that an author (or tv show or other such thing) is being decidedly unsubtle or beleaguering a point (aka, dropping hints as heavily as an anvil over the head).

Bearette24 said...

I like that!

Re the lie...I will see what the others say and then reveal it.

Roxanne said...

I'm guessing that the lie is #1. If not, remind me not to hang out with you on one of my favorite days of the year (my lucky number is 13). :)

Bearette24 said...

Hehe ;)

Caro said...

I say #6. He pulled you over because you're hot silly girl. :)

Amy said...

I pick the lie as the last one - that you have been in NYC for 10 years.

Bearette24 said...

Caro - hehe! He actually pulled me over b/c I ran a stop sign (which I still think was buried in shrubbery, and it was dark anyway). But thanks for the compliment :) He did apologize for giving me a ticket so close to my birthday.

Amy - you got it! I've only been living in NYC for 8 years.

Lisa & Rox - it's true, the longest I've been at a job was a year and 10 months (when I worked at an insurance company in Massachusetts - I know how to pick out the boring jobs, don't I?) and I did bite two people on Friday the 13th when I was elementary school age.

blackcrag said...

See, I was going to say 5.

Patty Rocks an biting people are too good to be true, and I think everyone has been pulled over by cops without knowing why. Or at least, telling the cop they didn't know why.

Liz said...

We should have a word invention contest. I like anvilicious.

I knew #8 was the lie. :)

Caro said...

Now I feel stupid. We were picking the lies not the one that was true. Duh. (It had been a long day yesterday.)

Must try again.

And he shouldn't have given you a ticket so close to your birthday.

KatieBelle said...

These gossip columnists are trying to dress up their pieces a little too much!


Bearette24 said...

BC - ah, but the biting and Patty Rocks were true. Only false one is #8.

Liz - i do too!

caro - don't worry ;)

KB - good guess, but #8 is the false one...amy got it.

Amy said...

I thought it was that one - it seemed like a trick, since you just mentioned your 10 year college reunion.

blackcrag said...

Sorry, I mistyped. I meant to say "too good not to be true." I was tired when I responded previously.