Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spiderman has jumped the shark (maybe).

So we saw Spiderman tonight with D's sister, after sharing an apple galette with gelato. (Mmm.)

I was kind of underwhelmed by the movie, as was the rest of the audience, judging by the boos and people who left early. New Yorkers are very vocal in the theater.

Up till the end, I thought it was okay, if a little overstuffed and just not as exciting as #1 and #2. It had a been-there, done-that, already-been-chewed quality.

But then....

*Spoiler alert*

They killed off my favorite character.

*End of spoiler*

So I don't know if it's worth it to me to see Spiderman IV (and you know there will be one). But, who am I kidding, I probably will.

Grade: C+ (with hope for better in the future.)


His suzy said...

I haven't seen any of the previous Spiderman movies, so I doubt I'll see this one. Kirsten Dunst annoys me, so I have to really want to see a movie to sit through watching her. (And I can't even quite put my finger on why she annoys me so much!)

Bearette24 said...

Suzy - me too. I'm not sure why, either. She was particularly bad in this one.