Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A day at the dentist

Today I went to the dentist, and learned that my hygienist is pregnant. I'll miss her. I've known her for a while and I go there every 6 months. I guess I'm kind of averse to change.

It turned out she's due in a month, and you can barely tell by looking at her. The only thing that looks different is her stomach; face and arms are unchanged. She only gained 25 pounds! The label sticking out of her scrubs said Small. I was amazed.

The dentist came in for a little check at the end of the cleaning. I told him I was going to my college reunion on Memorial Day weekend, and he asked which one. "Tenth," I said, cringing. He started laughing and said he got a notice for his dental school reunion...25th. That made me feel a bit better. He looks younger than he is.

In other news, I noticed a lot of people took the DNA personality quiz on their blogs. I never got around to it, and then I took it today. I thought it was quite interesting and pretty accurate. So, if you like psychology/personality tests, you might want to check it out.

To view my results:
My Personal Dna Report

To take it yourself:

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