Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Rainer visit and celebrity spotting

Tonight we visited Rainer. Some other girl was patting him but as soon as he saw me, he got into my lap. I like being his #1 ;)

I told the girl if she sits cross-legged, he will sit on her lap. I probably shouldn't have explained this because now his affections will be divided :(

Some things I've learned about Rainer:
  • He likes mellow jazz, preferably non-vocal.
  • He does NOT like alternative The Cure-type stuff or anything discordant, but his displeasure is mitigated if you sing, "Good cat, the best cat" to the tune of whatever is playing in the bookstore.
  • He likes a low, soft voice.
  • If your legs are bare, he has fun kneading them with his paws: pressing one paw into your leg, then the other. He retracts his claws for this.
And celebrities spotted:
  • Kyle MacLachlan walking his dog on Broadway around 16th. He's Bree's husband on Desperate Housewives. I think he dated Charlotte on SATC, too. I almost patted his dog, but he was walking too fast.
  • Rachael Ray. D had a business meeting in the building where the Food Network is, and I walked him over there. She is very short and has a nice smile.
  • Sandra Bernhardt. I've seen her at Whole Foods twice and on a street corner once. I feel like I know her!


His suzy said...

I love feeling a cat kneading something. Maybe because they're usually purring when they do it. :)

Caro said...

I used to have a cat named Sammy who got up under my chin at night in bed and kneaded me. I loved that cat.

Ms.L said...

I love kitties who knead
like that.
I used to work at a cat shelter
and the shelter lady called it
"making bread" I just call it
"that paw thing" cause I'm SO

Woohoo,you're on fire for sightings!

blackcrag said...

OOh! Food Network! I would so haunt the Food Network! I think I'm addicted to the channel.

I want to compete on Iron Chef America. First, I'll have to learn to cook at that level...

blackcrag said...

Sorry, mention of the food Channel drove all other thoughts form my head.

I like Rainer stories. Do you know why he's called Rainer?

Bearette24 said... we know where your mind is.

I think he's named after the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. A highbrow cat, befitting a bookstore ;)

jau said...

Kyle's character didn't just date Charlotte, he was her husband (Tray) who couldn't, uh, perform well. And he was the main character in David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" as well as "Dune" and "Blue Velvet."