Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Exciting news

So D and I went to Angelica Kitchen for lunch today. This is one of my favorite vegan restaurants. Anyway, we walk in and who do we see but Parker Posey! Facing the door, directly in front of us. I nudged D.

Me: (sotto voce) There's Parker Posey!
D: Where?
Me: Right in front of us!
D: Where?
The hostess: Right this way, please.

It was very exciting. PP is very petite and looks about 32 (though I think she is 38). She was eating with a blonde girl I didn't recognize, no one famous. For the rest of lunch, we fought the urge to stare. I never approach celebrities. I wouldn't know what to say, I wouldn't want to freak them out, and it feels gauche, somehow. Yet it is exciting to see them.

D thought her clothes were frumpy, but I thought they were fine (white flowered shirt, kind of baggy, with jeans). She wore her hair pulled back. When she left the restaurant, she put on a big pair of sunglasses. The restaurant has big plate glass windows, so we saw a woman recognize her outside. They had a brief conversation. She also had very fun, dramatic body language (sitting bolt upright, gesturing with her hands).

In other, less exciting but still good news, my new camera came today. My other one was too much of a diva to deal with, though it still works so I'll hold onto it. I think part of the problem was that I got it from some bargain site, and it didn't come with all the equipment it was supposed to, and may have been defective (I sent it back to get fixed several times, but they never replaced it, and it always needed to be fixed again.)

Anyway, the new camera is a Panasonic Lumix, quite fancy (by my standards anyhow). It has several "modes", including soft skin mode (in case you're feeling leathery that day) and party mode (complete with a glass of champagne).

In other, not awesome news (as Poppy would say), our building has no hot water. So I'm off to the gym to take a shower.*

*I tried taking one at home, remembering that Katharine Hepburn used to take cold showers in her youth. Not to dampen ardor, just as a tough New England thing, I guess. Well, she was made of sterner stuff than I am. That was painful! I hopped out after like a minute. Imagine being pelted with ice cubes.


Poppy Cede said...


And you're right, no hot water = NOT awesome. :) Sorry. At least you have the option of befriending your next door neighbor while D sneaks into their bathroom to take a shower then having D befriend another neighbor while you sneak into their bathroom to take a shower. Right? (Yes, glass half full. Always.)

Bearette24 said...

Heh...our neighbor is the most antisocial woman ever. It's a fun idea though ;) We do have another neighbor who whistles all the time. He could provide a musical backdrop to the shower.

Roxanne said...

Parker Posey? How cool. I just watched The OH in Ohio a couple of weeks ago, so if it had been me that spotted her, I would have been thinking about her "little friend" the whole time. :)

I hope I spot at least one person while we're there. I don't care who it is.

His suzy said...

That's so cool that you get to see famous people! I think the only "famous" people I'll see in Edmonton are hockey players. And I won't be able to recognize them. lol

Bearette24 said...

Rox - i hope you see one.

Suzy - I wouldn't recognize them either!

Liz said...

Parker Posey! Eeeeee!

I would have to resist the massive urge to launch into a performance of all my favorite Parker Posey lines. :D

Bearette24 said...

She'd probably like that ;)

Caro said...

Brrrr, cold showers, brrrrr.