Saturday, September 08, 2007

So D and I saw Shoot 'Em Up tonight. It was fairly violent, as the name would imply. But it was a cartoonish sort of violence that was hard to take seriously. Clive Owen was good, and his role may even cause a surge in carrot sales. (You'll have to see it to find out why.) It was interesting seeing Paul Giamatti as a villain. He doesn't really have the looks for it, with his round face and owlish glasses, but he pulled it off fairly well, aside from a certain stagy quality when he spoke. I would give it a B or B+ -- it was more inventive and interesting than most action movies, but it did have a very rough edge.

After the movie, we visited Rainer. I think the heat was too much for him. He kneaded my leg for a while, but didn't linger in my lap, preferring to lie on the cool floor instead. I rubbed his belly, which he seemed to enjoy. I also patted Hayes, who definitely has less personality but is a nice cat anyway. DG pointed out that Hayes has the same amount of personality as his namesake (Rutherford B. Hayes).

To cap the evening, we were walking toward a park when we heard the sounds of Modest Mouse. We remembered they were supposed to perform live in Brooklyn, so we followed the music and found ourselves behind a chain link fence, through which we could see them throwing a concert. It was pretty cool. They played 2 songs that I recognized -- "Float On" and one other. A guy standing near us joked, "I feel like we're in prison. But they're in prison. We're on the outside."

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Anonymous said...

Rich and I saw Shoot 'em Up last night also. It got on my nerves a little--I knew it was supposed to be cartoonish, but I felt myself getting antsy, which is a sign that the novelty wore off for me. Eh. It wasn't a bad way to spend a Saturday night, though.