Wednesday, September 05, 2007

As promised, here's a picture of my completed shawl. It's huge! But that helps make it cozy ;)

It's a human shawl, but our extra-large teddy bear, Muffin, wanted to model it:

Here's how the shawl looks without Muffin:

And here are the stitches up close:


Anonymous said...

That's one big bear! From the first photo, the shawl and bear look small, but after seeing the book comparison, I'm amazed at the both the bear and the shawl! Very pretty shawl, though.

Anonymous said...

Neat-o! What kind of stitch did you use? And where did you get the pattern?


Bearette24 said...

Kitkat - he's very big. It was smart of you to compare it with the books :)

LP - thanks! I think the pattern said to knit one row, and then the next row was k1, *yo, k2tog*, repeat * * till the last 3 stitches, then k2tog, k1. Then you repeat those 2 rows till you have 90 rows, at which point you bind off. It's from Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival (definitely worth getting).

Roxanne said...

That bear MUST be huge because he dwarfs that shawl. Which, by the way, is very pretty. I love the color combination. :)

Bearette24 said...

He is enormous :) I'm glad you like the colors, I was afraid they'd be too loud, but they seem to have worked out.

Elsa said...

Great shawl!

I definitely lost perspective with the bear. I thought you made a "tiny" shawl for the bear, until I read the post!!