Monday, October 27, 2008

*So, yesterday I tried scrambled eggs for the first time. Actually, I probably had them as a baby or something, but I don't remember. They were good, though they sat in my stomach heavily.

*We took E on the subway for the first time, after a friend reassured me that she took her baby on the subway and it was fine. The reason? We were going up to Washington Heights to see another friend's new baby, and man, that is a trek. The journey up was fine, as he slept most of the way and was good-humored for the rest. The way back, we had to hold him and he squawked a few times, but everyone admired him. We were sitting next to a boy and a girl who were reading about POE (process of elimination) in an SAT practice book by the Princeton Review. That made me feel OLD. Or maybe just very, very far away from my high school years.

*A couple days ago, a friend from Brooklyn brought her baby over. I hadn't seen him since he weighed 11 pounds, and E was 8 or 9 pounds. Now my E is bigger than her E, who was born in April. I got a picture of them holding hands. I'll try to post it later.

*At the visit yesterday, M stepped on the scale with E and without, and we determined that he weighs a little over 19 1/2 pounds. It also came out that I've never been to a Mommy and Me class. Maybe I should remedy this.


Anonymous said...

The scrambled eggs thing made me laugh because I have no idea what all the different ways to cook eggs mean. I recently had eggs benedict--not sure what made them "benedict." Was it that the way they were cooked or the fact that they were served on English muffins? Scrambled and in omelets are the only ways I know how to make them.

Bearette24 said...

I'm not sure what it is, either. There must be a Wikipedia article ;)