Monday, October 20, 2008

Mysteries of life

You can dress a baby boy head-to-toe in blue - light blue hooded jacket, blue-and-white striped onesie, navy pants and matching socks - yet a woman will ask in the elevator, "How old is she?" It must be the eyelashes.

In other news, I got the hiccups in front of E. I thought it might scare him - he can be sensitive to sounds - but he giggled.


Poppy said...

It's definitely the eyelashes, but they just make him look beautiful. People are unobservant.

As for the hiccups, now you know what to do when he's crying! :D

BabelBabe said...

he is ALL little man. she was clearly senile.

(why, yes, I do have a raging crush on your little E, funny you should ask : ))

Bearette24 said...

Poppy - hehe. I just have to learn to hiccup at will!

Babelbabe - hee. I'm sure he appreciates it :)