Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just stopping by to say hi

So D and I watched some of the debate last night. (Correction: we started out watching it on the TV, then I got sleepy, so D watched the rest of it on his computer.) Well, as I may have mentioned, I was originally a Hillary gal. So it took me a while to get used to Obama. But the debate (the first one I've watched, due to sleep taking a front seat) made me feel more confident about my choice. I liked how he was well-spoken and calm. McCain kept flashing fake smiles at the camera. Did he remind anyone else of Mike Myers as Goldmember? Also, Obama's lips looked purple. But he was still clearly the better candidate, imo ;)

A friend from college who now lives in Florida is coming to visit tomorrow, and a Brooklyn friend is bringing her baby over on Monday. So who knows, maybe you'll see some cute baby pictures.


Accidental Mommy said...

I posted about the debate too. I was all for Hillary and was so disappointed when it didn't work out but after last night's debate and the way McCain behaved I'm definately behind Obama now.

Let us know how One Fifth Avenue goes. I want to read it but I'm not sure I want to buy it :-)

Oh and keep the adorable baby pictures coming.

Bearette24 said...

One Fifth Avenue was good, but you might want to get it from the library instead of buying it. The beginning and ending are fun, but there's a slow section in the middle.

judy in ky said...

Mike Myers as Goldmember! Of course! That's who he reminded me of... I had the image in my head but couldn't remember who it was! It was almost scary.

Anonymous said...

Yep, just like Goldmember. I was almost embarrassed for him until I remembered that if he looks bad, that's good news for me.

maybe you'll see some cute baby pictures.

As if we don't see cute baby pictures on a regular basis here!

BabelBabe said...

i confess, i have been an Obama supporter from the getgo. But I would have been fine with Hilary as well - both are smart, savvy, willing to be advised and surround themselves with smart people, and a tad idealistic...all good traits in a president.

and yeah, I need my E fix. pic pls
: )