Saturday, October 11, 2008

So D and I were offered the chance to view an apartment in our complex. We're still waiting to get a 2-bedroom (currently, E is in the living room, which is large by New York standards, but of course he will need a room with a door as he gets older). I got all excited, but then D looked online at the layout and discovered that it is only 35 square feet bigger. He wants to hold out for a larger one. I guess I do too. It's kind of like going on a date and being disappointed.

Last night we went to the White Horse Tavern (famous in a morbid way - I think it is the last place Dylan Thomas drank before he died). The atmosphere there is always cheerful, though. They have outdoor seating so we were able to bring E and hang out with our friends (A's girlfriend was celebrating getting a new job). It was odd and fun all at once to be out on a Friday night with ADULTS, and nice not to have to leave E behind.

I'm reading Philip Roth's new book, Indignation - I like it, even though the narrator is a bit of a nut. He's so intense, you can feel it floating up from the pages.


Poppy said...

Sorry the "new" apartment didn't pan out, but I have my fingers crossed for soon.

YAY to adult time!

His suzy said...

If you have the option, I would still go look at the other apartment, just to see what it's like and what the layout is. Just because you look doesn't mean you have to take it, right?

Bearette24 said...

We might look, but time is at such a premium with a baby - and the living room is probably tiny at the new place, because it's only 35 sq ft larger and you have to factor in the additional bedroom.