Friday, November 02, 2007

Puppy love/comic relief

So we went to dinner at a place that was a bit stuffy. At one point, I slipped outside for some fresh air. There was a pet store two doors down -- they don't sell pets, but rather food and paraphernalia, including a book called How to Massage Your Cat and a volume on dog astrology. I consulted it and found out what I always suspected -- that my childhood dog liked my mother better than me ;) She liked me, mind you, but my mom was her favorite. She was the leader of the pack.

Two really cute French bulldogs came in and I greeted them with cries of, "Hi, gorgeous!" and "How did you get to be so cute?" The mother replied, "I ask her that every day!" and answered for the dog: "Because my parents are Twinkle and Buttertoes."

It might not have been "toes," but it was butter-something.


Roxanne said...

Maybe buttercup? It's pretty hard to *not* be cute with parents like that, huh.

Ms.L said...

But Buttertoes is a darn cute name!