Saturday, October 27, 2007

Political eating habits

Tonight D and I had dinner with a friend who is Republican (a rarity in New York and probably the Northeast in general). D posited that Republicans always get meat or fish and that anything else is "out of their realm of possibility." D was thinking of our other Republican friend, P, who always gets meat, cranberry juice and dessert.

Our friend agreed, saying that liberals often get salad and a little bit of everything. (D and I had pasta dishes, and we all shared bruschetta to start.)

How do your food choices reflect your politics?


Anonymous said...

At home, I eat meat now because it's easier than cooking two meals. When I go out to eat, however, I usually opt for a vegetarian pasta or salad, unless I'm craving a hamburger. I generally skip the appetizer or soup or pre-meal salad because I can't eat that much. I'd consider myself a liberal.

His suzy said...

By that theory, I'm a Republican. In reality, I probably lean more towards Republican, but I really don't subscribe to either (or any) party. Just seems like no matter what party a politician is from, he/she is going to tell you one thing to get elected and then do whatever once they're in office.