Sunday, June 15, 2008

So I've been doing some basic Pilates exercises -- I have this special post-pregnancy Pilates book with exercises sorted out by week -- and it's good to wake up my muscles again, though I WANT TO SWIM.

Picked up a few tips from my friend who visited a few days ago - I ordered a little blue vinyl pad to put under E's tushy during changes (we actually aren't using the big changing pad that much, since the crib mattress is high enough not to hurt our backs). This means that when the "chucks" (little cotton changing pads) from the hospital run out, it won't be a big deal.

(I also love the hospital underwear - it's made of mesh and quite awesome - but I only figured out recently that you can put it in the washing machine. I'm mourning the pairs I thoughtlessly disposed.)

So I'm thinking about pumping. I'm hesitant to throw a wrench in the works, but the fact is, I'll probably want to go out sometime, or have D do one of the night feedings. Problem is, I'm told:

a) I should wait till 4-6 weeks to pump, and even though the pediatrician naysayed this, I think I'll err on the side of caution.
b) that even if I have D do a night feeding, I'll have to pump at the same time to keep my supply up, so it won't really solve any problems. True? False?

Also - a question I forgot to ask my pediatrician - do you have to wait two months (till the two-month shots) to take the baby out? A friend's pediatrician told her this, and my librarian also mentioned it.

Finally, something I know now that I didn't know before - I think most newborns need extra head support in the car seat, and when the time comes, the stroller. I ordered some kind of insert from Target that looks like it will do a good job.


BabelBabe said...

we bought these little squares called lap pads to put under the baby's butt. you can throw them right in the wash and they come three to a pack, so there's always a clean one.

You CAN take the baby out, you'll go nuts otherwise. seriously. just be sure if anyone wants to hold him, they wash their hands and be sure he has a hat.

re: the pumping: you can skip one night but you dont want to skip too many or your body will readjust your milk supply accordingly. your boobs will leak all over your shirt when you skip, most likely.

Tracy said...

Wow... I have no idea about any of your questions having no babies myself... but I'm sure learning a lot if I ever do! : )

Gingers Mom said...

I always took my new ones out. They have natural antibodies from you and your milk that will keep them safe. It is better for your mental health to GET OUT!! That is kind of an old wives tale.
I miss a new little one. It is hard, but oh I miss it. I'd wait at least until 3 or 4 weeks old before you try a bottle. Yeah, you'd mess up your supply if you don't pump at night. Wait until the little one has really got a good rhythm of nursing.
I'm looking forward to coming back and reliving all the newborn stuff through your blog. :) Congrats!!