Friday, June 06, 2008

Notes from baby land

I am going to try extremely hard to add a picture to this entry later. I will try to pound this out while Mom holds the baby. D also needs my computer cord because he broke his.

Labor was hell. I remember asking the nurse, "How did you go natural? Didn't you want to die?" The nurse said, "Of course." Needless to say, I got an epidural. Next time, I would get one right away, because they take 20 minutes to work and it takes the anesthesiologist 20 minutes to get there and I had the embarrassment of a screaming contraction in front of him.

The pushing was even worse. It was the hardest work I've ever done and I was completely wiped out when I did it. Near the end, I asked for a C-section, forceps, anything. The doctor refused both requests but used a little suction to help E arrive. I still can't believe he came out of me.

E is adorable but he eats like crazy! Sometimes he tries to nurse my arm.

Breastfeeding is much better than expected. It doesn't really hurt. Some mild discomfort sometimes, but it relaxes me. It also makes me feel close to E, who is a snuggle bunny.

OK, more later and I will try to add a picture to this entry.


Caro said...

He's adorable and you are the prettiest new mom ever.


I remember saying "I can't do this" with every labor. Lots of screaming too.

Weren't you going to share E's name or did you change your mind?


Caro said...

I just zoomed in his picture. Look at his beautiful little mouth. Awwww.

Anonymous said...

You look great together!! Thanks for sharing(-=


bdogg_mcgee said...

He's gorgeous! I'm so happy for you. :)

Bearette24 said...

Caro - thanks! I kept saying that, too. I thought of you afterward. I was like, "Caro did this 3 times. I really respect her." :)

Roxanne - thanks for the quilt! It's adorable. Did you make it?

Bdogg & Carpe - thanks! I need to find another picture that does full justice to his cuteness. My FIL took a bunch with his fancy Nikon, but he doesn't know how to e-mail pictures (yet).

Liz said...

A screaming contraction is not an embarrassment... you just do what you have to do. You did great!!

He is beautiful and I am happy for you. :)

Bearette24 said...

Thank you :) Now I can't wait to see yours!

His suzy said...

What a precious, beautiful baby!! You both look great. And yea for you for giving birth!

I'm so excited for you and your family. I can't wait for more little E pictures! :)

Poppy said...

He's a little man already! Yeee!

Great job, Bearette. And hopefully some day all those people who told you that you would have an easy delivery learn to shush about it. :)

Roxanne said...

Yep. Screaming, moaning, crying. You do what you have to to get the job done. I remember drooling onto the floor right at the end. But at least the result is what I wanted. :)

I always love those first pics of mom and baby gazing at each other. So sweet. I also zoomed in on the first picture (had to get a better look!) and I love those lips! They are completely adorable.

Yes, I made the quilt. It only took me about 7 months to finish. ;) Of course, I had other projects going at the same time, but still. I wasn't sure if you'd like the color scheme or not, but I thought I'd go with something non-traditional for a change.

Now stop reading this insanely long comment and go love on that adorable child!

Bearette24 said...

It's beautiful! Maybe you should open a quilt shop :)

Zen Master said...

He's beautiful and perfect.

kj said...

congratulations bearette. what a delight to see you and your beautiful son.


judy in ky said...

He has the most adorable face. What a beautiful baby!

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