Sunday, June 01, 2008

Never say never

Today we passed a flea market and I told D how I hate flea markets because I want to get rid of clutter, not buy it. (I've done a few closet/book/CD purges since the nesting instinct kicked in.) D said, "So do they." And I said, "But they also want me to buy their stuff, and that'll never happen." Then I saw a $10 baby monitor and the rest, as they say, is history. Don't worry, I asked a few questions first. And it was in the original packaging, which was promising.

Later I went swimming for the first time this week. I keep an exercise log to keep me honest. My goal at this point is to exercise 3x a week (not counting walking, since NYers have to do that anyway. In my postnatal log, I will count walking, though. Might as well take it easy on myself.) Anyway, I did yoga 2x this week, but had not gone swimming until today. I'm writing this to remind myself about how good it feels. Maybe I should go twice next week.

I'm getting to know the people in the slow lane...there is one woman who wears Cleopatra eyeliner and says, "Only the dead go slower than me." I thought she was exaggerating, but she really is quite slow. It makes for a relaxing atmosphere.


Caro said...

I can always find something to buy at flea markets. Our house is way too cluttered so I don't go to them anymore.

Are you going to change your blog background to blue when E arrives?

Bearette24 said...

Hee. Probably not. Blue can be his color ;)