Thursday, June 19, 2008

E's first lunch date

So E's first lunch date is coming up on July 1st.* We'll be meeting:

1) my friend who also has an E baby
2) another girl I haven't met yet, who knows my friend and apparently lives in my apartment complex. Her baby is named Olive (cute, no?)

...and going to a vegan eatery.

I think the fact that it is vegan, and somewhat crunchy, works in my the fact that it will be all women (except 2 boy babies), so no one will be uncomfortable about breastfeeding. I'm just hoping our babies don't raise hell ;)

I have to figure out how to take him there. He has a love/hate relationship with the sling, and I have not yet learned how to use the Ergo baby carrier (it comes with an instructional DVD. Enough said.) The carrier is also supposed to be ideal for 15-lb babies and up...a category to which he does not yet belong. I could try the stroller, since the head-support insert has arrived.

*Actually, the lunch will need to be rescheduled because the resto is not open that day. More later.


Caro said...

Better luck scheduling your next lunch date.

Probably the minute you get your food E will wake up hungry. LOL

Bearette24 said...

I know, huh?

It's been rescheduled for July 11. I'll keep you all posted :)