Friday, May 30, 2008

Waiting game

So I had my doctor's appointment today. Gained 2 lbs...ugh...but I did go to the doctor's office right after breakfast, and I lost 1 lb last time, so whatever. I got one of the other doctors in the practice. I'm still at 4 cm, but she seemed to find this impressive. "A lot of people go through 3 or more hours of labor to get where you are," she told me, "so it should be faster than average." She seconded my doctor's advice to get to the hospital quickly.

I am starting to get nervous about his weight. This doctor doesn't like to give weight estimates because she feels they are off by 10-20%, but she did say he would be a big baby. "So am I gonna have to get a C-section?" I asked. She gave me a nuanced answer that boiled down to, "We try to avoid that," but said I probably shouldn't go past my due date. Gah. So of course I started thinking, "Am I going to have to induce?" Then she said, "So when you see ___ next week, if you're still pregnant, you can talk about it."

It's entirely possible that my own doctor will think it's okay to go past my due date, so we'll see. (Due to a scheduling snafu -- they had to cancel my June 6 appointment -- I'm seeing my own doctor on Monday.) I am hoping he will start naturally and not be too huge...neither induction nor a C-section sounds enormously appealing to me. Also, I had a sensation that may or may not have been a Braxton Hicks contraction yesterday. I'm kind of hoping that things start out with my water breaking...a clear, unambiguous signal. I'm also hoping I don't burst blood vessels in my face and eyes from pushing, as a friend of mine did.

The frustrating thing is, the doctors all seem to agree that it will be fast...when it starts. But nobody can say when it starts. If there's anything pregnancy teaches you, it's that you have no control over the process (and that most people are tactless...the Borders cashier today asked if I was having twins, and when I said no, she said, "That is scary!" Thanks, %*#@!*. And I only remembered Kitkat's suggested response after I left the store. I'm hoping she's right about the Heidi Klum thing.)

And I'm aware that I need an attitude adjustment...I'm letting the "twins" people make me too cranky. So I had a brownie with walnuts today. And it did help.


Anonymous said...

You're entitled to be cranky and to eat a brownie...or seven :) I'll go ahead and just start calling you Heidi.

Are you scared that your water might break in public?

Ms.L said...

LOL,browines always help!
I second kitkat,you're entitled to be cranky:)

I was so scared both times of that dreaded c section. Every time my blood pressure would go up they'd mention it..I didn't have it but
the thought alone was bad enough.

I was enduced with my last one
and it was not a big deal. Actually,I'd say it improved
my labour and while it was intense
I appreciated that it was also fast.
If you're already at the stage you're in,I have a feeling they won't need to enduce you.
By the time this is all said and done,you'll be the envy of all the other mothers for your quick labour. Just watch:)

Bearette24 said...

Kitkat - thanks ;) I've worried about it a bit, but I read that labor usually starts w/ contractions instead, so it probably won't start in public.

Ms. L - I hope so! thanks for sharing your experience. i like hearing from people who have survived it :)

Bearette24 said...

Kitkat - I realized my response was totally garbled - I meant to say, I learned that labor usually starts with contractions and the water breaks later (or the doctor breaks it with this thingy that looks like a crochet hook - or so I've heard), so the water probably wouldn't break in public.

I would like the labor to begin with the water breaking, though, and it does happen that way with some people. I could probably get over it happening in public :)

Caro said...

Ah rude people, what a treat.

Fast labor is good in that you're done quickly but not as much time to rest between contractions.

My last two were really fast but I'd pick a fast labor any day.

Liz said...

I'm wondering if NYC has a higher concentration of people who lack the "Inappropriate Comment" filter...

That's great that you're at 4cm already!

Bearette24 said...

Very possible :)

BabelBabe said...

the good news: my water broke with all 4. It's not that bad, nothing at all like the movies make it out to be.
The bad news: I still had to be induced with primo and quarto.

What will happen will happen, dear, and try to relax. ALL that matters in the end is a healthy baby and a healthy you. altho i will smack some twin-talkers for you.. : )

Bearette24 said...

Sounds good :)