Thursday, May 22, 2008

I should check the mail more often

So I am often a slacker about checking the mail, because let's face it, it's usually bills and I often have an armful of watermelon (E's favorite fruit). But today I did check the mail, and I was glad, because here's what I got:

A fun card from Liz (you open it up and it plays that Salt 'n' Pepa song that begins with "Ooh, baby baby" - my music for labor ;) and "sneaker socks" for little feet (from my mom).

Tonight we went out with a couple of friends, one of whom is addicted to this French patisserie in the neighborhood. I am strangely immune to it so I just sat there while they got chocolate mousse and a chocolate "dome". (For the record, I don't really like solid chocolate desserts. Chocolate accents, fine. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies, especially with walnuts, are good, but huge mounds of chocolate just remind me of...well, never mind.)

The service was very French, too. One of our friends had to bug the woman behind the counter for plates...which really should have been automatic. Then the heat suddenly came on...and if you're pregnant, you really feel that. I politely asked if she could turn the heat down and she snapped, "There is no heat. I turned off the A/C because we are closing in 5 minutes." Um, 'kay. I went outside for a few minutes to get away from the stuffiness, and when I returned, she had relented a little, propping the door open and turning on the fans. So our friend figured she was withholding plates before because she didn't want us to eat.

Then a couple of women and a small boy came through the (open!) door and the counter woman barked, "Closed." The little boy gazed up at her with huge eyes, as if to say, "I just want some chocolate."


Anonymous said...

That makes me sad about the little boy. How can you dish out goodies for a living and be heartless to little kids and pregnant women?

Re: the watermelon thing, I have two thoughts: A friend of ours said that when she was pregnant, watermelon was the only thing she could keep down. Secondly, I'm strangely reminded of Baby from Dirty Dancing awkwardly carrying the watermelon to her first encounter with Johnny :)

Lisa said...

Well, no wonder French women don't get fat: Their pastry people are mean!

And you really should check your mail often.

Bearette24 said...

Kitkat - I need to watch that movie again :)

Lisa - That could very well be. I would avoid those pastry people myself :)

Ms.L said...

What a mean,mean woman.
My heart is broken for that little guy:(

Glad you got something other than bills in the mail,woohoo!

Caro said...

Remember the soup guy on Seinfeld?

That lady sounds like she might be related.