Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Liz pointed out that if I miss a day of blogging, people may think I'm in labor. She's right. That is, I'm not in labor but I can see why you would think so! After all, the doctor's parting words to me were, "I'm on call this weekend. I don't think you'll go this weekend, but I'm on call."

I know, there's the "I don't think you'll go" part. But just telling me she's on call? Sprang me into action. I ordered nearly everything from the list I'd assembled. And, in a miracle of bad timing, my family started asking, "Did you get this? That?" because they wanted to get me that thing. I felt terrible...especially since my mom found my crib at a different vendor for about $70 cheaper. I couldn't cancel my order because it was already being prepared for shipping. (I called to confirm.) But at least both places offered free shipping. There's always that.

You may ask, "Why don't you register, Bearette?" It's a good question. I just have an aversion to it. For one, I hate shopping, so walking around pointing a gun at merchandise would bore me to death (although the gun part does sound kind of fun). So I could register online without setting foot in a store. I guess there are 2 reasons:

1) I'm a control freak in this regard, and want to make sure I get the items on time (i.e., not having the crib before the baby is born would bother me).
2) I like being surprised; people often come up with fun gift ideas. For example, people have already given me stuffed animals, a musical duck that teaches the baby to crawl, Peter Rabbit, baby clothes, baby toys, a baby's first year journal, the Jenny McCarthy book, a sling, a photo album, etc.

I didn't register for my wedding, either, and we got some very nice bowls (among other things).

Anyway, I got the opportunity to clip my scary toenails. My SIL gave me a $50 gift certificate at a nail place, which should probably cover 2 pedicures, right? (I'll only get one.) My MIL warned me to bring "my own stuff," by which I think she means nail polish. Probably not a bad idea...


Poppy Cede said...

That's funny, because I thought exactly the opposite. When I saw a new post from you in the feed reader I thought, "oh, maybe she's telling us she's in labor!"

Which would be silly. You should just go to the hospital, considering your purported quick delivery.

And... I really hope some day once E is settled into the world Dawg and I can have dinner with your whole family, because I'm not sure we'll get to have it before that bouncing bundle of joy enters the world.

Liz said...

I was going to ask if you'd gotten the crib yet!

Ms.L said...

Hee Hee,I was wondering...lol

Bearette24 said...

Poppy - I don't know about bringing a newborn to a restaurant, but thanks anyhow! good luck with the apt search.

Liz - yeah, now we just have to put the darn thing together :(

Ms. L - not yet :)

Roxanne said...

I was wondering, too. :)

Good luck with the crib building. I can't believe it's getting so close! (of course I'm not the one whose been expanding over the last few months, so it's easy for *me* to say)

Bearette24 said...

Rox - thanks! A friend had offered to put the crib together, but he's in Europe till May 25th, so we've put together some other options. D's afraid to put it together since the Ikea chairs he assembled for the kitchen are a little wobbly...but I think it's really the chairs' fault ;)

Roxanne said...

Yep, from what I've heard that's typical of IKEA. I think D would be just fine putting the crib together. Look how good he did with the stroller. :)

Re: my previous comment
Who's instead of whose (sheesh!)

Caro said...

How exciting! The assembling of the baby furniture makes everything more official somehow.