Saturday, May 31, 2008

The pregnancy stories of the night

At dinner (vegan asparagus quiche and vegan raspberry thumbprint cookie), I walked over to the restroom and saw a man pulling a little girl away. She was wearing a CELEBRITY T-shirt and some pink glitter on her face. "I think someone gets priority," he said.

"Why?" she pouted.

"She has a baby in her belly," he said. Then she beamed. She seemed really delighted by the concept.

Later, we ran into an old man in our lobby who said (predictably), "I hope you're having twins!" (I told you, every day.) I managed a barely civil "No," and then he said, "Well, I come from twins," which was kind of cool. Then a lady in the elevator said, "You look ready."

I am.

In other news, I got an advance reviewer's copy of Jane Green's The Beach House at the Strand. Half price, and it's a big relief because it doesn't really come out until my due date. So now I can read it!

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