Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick picture post

D and I tried to see Sex and the City tonight, but it was all sold out. Maybe tomorrow night. We saw Chloe Sevigny with a couple of other girls. She was wearing a jumper, similar to her Big Love outfits, and she looked at me sideways with hooded eyes, also like she does on the show. It was cool. She seems fun and weird. (I mean weird as a compliment.)

We lucked out and got further baby gifts, from Bdogg! I should mention that Liz got me a very cute downward dog T-shirt for E a while back. Definitely picture-worthy. The problem is, it's in a drawer that's hard for me to reach now, along with some other baby stuff. I'm going to transfer it all to my blue Target fabric folding bins as soon as I can bend again :)

From Bdogg:

On the right is a bath set with hooded towels and washcloths. The duck has a special bottom that will say HOT when the bath water is too hot for the baby.

Also, I got these pawprint slippers from the Animal Rescue Site (I think it's, but I've had it bookmarked so long that I never have to type the URL). We're supposed to bring slippers to the hospital. These are really uber-comfortable and they fund 14 bowls of food for shelter animals. If you go to their store and search for "slippers," you can get them. I got two pairs (28 bowls) because I wasn't sure what size my feet are now. The answer: a size larger. This is the smaller pair; the other is already in my suitcase.

They're also available in white.


His suzy said...

Cute slippers! They look so comfy!

Bearette24 said...

They really are. They're made of memory foam.

Caro said...

Look at all the cute stuff. Soon he will be there to use it. Hooray!

Liz said...

Will D and E's duck collections get their own room when you move to a bigger apartment? :)

Tracy said...

Oh!! I LOVE the fact that the slipper purchase is for such a fabulous cause! You rock girlie!