Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fighting the good fight

So at Whole Foods, they have my favorite yogurt in the world -- Wallaby. The only hitch? Some of their nonfat yogurts cost $1.19, others cost $1.09. As a conscientious objector, I bought only the $1.09 flavors. But they kept ringing up at $1.19. After going through the whole price-check ordeal on several occasions, I asked for a suggestion slip.

I explained the foregoing and added boldly, "Make them all $1.09!"

This was last week.

I went there tonight and they made all the prices uniform.

They're all $1.19.

Bet you could see that coming.

In other news, my college roommate is going to visit this weekend on her way back from music camp. Since she shares an initial with another friend I've mentioned before, we will call her CR.

In book-related news, I finished Girl Sleuth (about the creation of Nancy Drew) and really enjoyed it. My LibraryThing review is here.


His suzy said...

If the ones marked at 1.09 were ringing up at 1.19, I have to wonder if they were all supposed to be the higher priced from the start and someone just screwed up with the labeling.

Bearette24 said...

Probably. I tried, though ;)

Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't do the whole "if it rings up at the wrong price, it's free" thing. Then you could have saved up in anticipation of the price increase.

Bearette24 said...