Friday, February 23, 2007

So that time has come again. I am looking for book recommendations. Feel free to recommend any and all books you love in the comment section. If you want to leave a long rambly comment with multiple recommendations, so much the better.

A small confession. D and I went to Dumont Burger in Brooklyn for lunch. We sat at the bar and D was fascinated by all the brightly-colored liquor (the shiny blue of Bombay Sapphire, the cat's-eye topaz of the Scotch.) Suddenly he started bombarding me with questions about blood alcohol content, and if someone drank the whole bottle of Scotch, would it kill them? I really don't know. He thinks it would.

After the meal, we headed to the cat bookstore. There are two cats, a black one with white socks, and Rainer, who has black-and-grey stripes. The black cat is sweet but lacks Rainer's charisma. Anyway, Rainer always sits in my lap. But we entered the bookstore...and (gasp!) Rainer was perched on the lap of another.

I was stung, but had to say hello to Rainer. So I went over and sat cross-legged and said, "Hello, Rainer!" and he immediately jumped off the other girl's lap into mine. I felt bad, though she just laughed. Perhaps I should have stayed away. But I do give him my full attention, whereas she was reading and ignoring him; and I didn't actually lure him away, I just said hello. D, who was laughing, said I was justifying my actions ;)

He did seem more attached to me today than usual. When I had to leave (because D had bought a couple Nancy Drew books and wanted to go), he wrapped himself around my torso and snuggled his head under my armpit. It was hard to leave him.


Roxanne said...

The only one I can think of right now is my latest read, Water for Elephants. I think you said you'd tried it before, but gave up.

I think the blood alcohol danger level has a lot to do with how quickly you consume copious amounts. Also, it depends on the person's tolerance level. As a kid I saw many drunk transient people (that were regulars in our store) that could down a whole pint (or more).

Cuddly bookstore cats. Is there anything better? I think not.

Bearette24 said...

I know you and Carolyn loved that one. Maybe I should give it another shot.

A pint? That's scary! Although in British novels, everyone seems to be drinking pints.

Nothing better :)

Anonymous said...

It depends what the pint is of! A pint of beer (which is what they are probably drinking in those novels) is a lot less alcohol than a pint of whiskey.

Cuddly bookstore puppies would be better.

As for recommendations, I really haven't read much that's not for class lately. I did manage to read the new Christopher Moore---"You Suck"---which was very good if you like Christopher Moore. And I read "Fame Junkies"---nonfiction on celeb obsession---which I read the whole way through one snowy day.

I just got "Friday Night Knitting Club" based on your recommendation, although I probably won't be able to start it for another week or two.

(Lisa again. Google can bite me.)

Bearette24 said...

Lisa - i think (hope?) there's a "forget your password?" feature. are you able to blog?? i did read "You Suck", will check out Fame Junkies. Thanks!

paula said...

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Wildly different but both wonderful.

Bearette24 said...

paula - thanks for the recommendations :) i have eat, pray, love on my hold list at the i will add the historian!

Caro said...

Animals add a special warmth to a business, I think.

I don't know if you like fantasy type of stuff.

I just read The 10th Power by Kate Constable and I enjoyed it. I put some of her earlier books on hold at the library because I liked it so much.

It was literature for teens but that hasn't kept me from Harry Potter.

Caro said...

I just saw one reccomended on Velcro's Blog by Judith Levine called, Not Buying It, My Year Without Shopping.

The author spends a whole year not buying anything non-essential.

That sounds like a different read.

Bearette24 said...

I agree about the animals. I love teen books!

She's probably counting books as non-essential :(

His suzy said...

I mentioned this one a couple posts ago, but one of my absolute favourite books is The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. It's an old British mystery, but I love the solution to it! I even own two copies of the book.

I also love reading Barbara Kingsolver. I saw that you've read The Poisonwood Bible, but I think I've read pretty much anything of hers that's fiction and I liked all of it, especially Prodigal Summer. I haven't tried the non-fiction yet.

You could also check out Left for Dead. True story.

Bearette24 said...

I should check out The Moonstone! I'm kind of stuck in a contemporary rut, but I should branch out :)

Same here re Barbara Kingsolver - i've read all her fiction, but just one of the essay collections. High Tide in Tucson.