Monday, February 12, 2007

Exciting news

Our friends, M&M, had their baby! They're our first friends in the city to have a child. A high school friend of mine has a girl and twin boys, but she lives in Houston.

M&M's baby girl is 7.7 pounds and has a fun and unique name. M had actually put together a program before her birth, compiling names. However, it was a warped program. M&M cast votes on which names they liked best and least, and the program gave preference to names that neither had strong feelings for. M joked that, as a result, the baby would be named Pizza Hut. Fortunately, that is not the case :)

D likes to give large stuffed bears to babies, but he was crestfallen because they're only appropriate for 1-year-olds and older. I told him he can give her one later. I can't wait to meet the baby!

7.7 pounds sounds like a nice birth weight, also. The babies in my family were brother clocked in at 10 pounds, I was 9 and a half, and my twin sisters were 5 pounds each, which is apparently large for twins. My poor mom.


Waspgoddess said...

How wonderful to have a brand-new yummy-smelling baby girl to visit.

Your story reminds me of when my friend Ella's "mother in law" told her (when Ella was 8 1/2 months pregnant and thoroughly fed up with being as big as a house) that when she (the mother in law) gave birth to Ella's partner he had the biggest HEAD the hospital had ever seen (and that record still stands -- or so the story goes)... not exactly what you want to hear when you are about to give birth (in the end the baby -- who is my godson -- was born with a very fine and normal-sized head).

Liz said...

Bearette, you are a blogging machine lately!

It felt so strange when the first of our friends had a baby, but now most of them have one or two, or are awaiting due dates.

I think I was around 8 pounds. My nephew was ten pounds!

Bearette24 said...

Waspgoddess - that *is* awful! i'm glad ella didn't have to go through the big-head thing herself.

Liz - i know, it's crazy! i think things will calm down soon and i will have less to write about :( i also think smaller babies run in d's family, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. (not abnormally small)