Sunday, November 09, 2008

Visiting the fam

So right now D and I are visiting my fam in MA. There is lots of pretty foliage and we had a good train trip - a whole four-seat section to ourselves. (People tend to pass you by when you have a baby, though he was very well-behaved on the train). He did melt down at home, after the train ride, and worked himself into such a tizzy that he was utterly exhausted, and slept through the night without a "final feeding." Foolish me - didn't bring home my pump. I slept with a bath towel.

I had my first drink since June '07 - a strawberry margarita at a restaurant near here. Actually, I just had a few sips. It was D's drink. He was very magnanimous.

Fall is usually my favorite season, but it can be depressing too. I guess the leaves falling are a natural metaphor for death. (Sorry, that is incredibly morbid.) We did just receive news that 2 people died - I didn't know either of them, but I know people affected by it. I do think the person calling should've held the news till we got home, but this person is not very, um, trainable.


kitkat said...

I, too, am affected by the "ending" of things in the fall. It's inevitable. On the other hand, because the school year begins in fall, I always begin fall with a lot of hope. It's the start of new things as well.

Speaking of travel, I'm finally going to visit NYC! We'll be there on the 22nd and 23rd. Yay!

tarasophia said...

Bearette, I couldn't agree more about the mortality related thoughts that autumn brings to mind. Motherhood will do that to you too ("what?! you mean I'm not immortal??" - that was about my take on it when I realized there was a being in my life whom I actively wanted to outlive me.) This is the time of year I usually start moaning about moving until California. It's like that until the snow comes and the winter baby in me gets it's groove on.

tarasophia said...

Whoops - that's to California, not until California - thoughts of the Golden State make me CA-RAZY

Bearette24 said...

Kitkat - yay! I know you've wanted to see NYC for a while :)

T - I knew what you meant :) I also like the image of a winter baby getting in gear.

judy in ky said...

I love the colors of fall, but always feel sad when the leaves all fall off the trees. That's one reason I want to live in Hawaii some day... the leaves stay on!