Wednesday, November 26, 2008

D is reading Malcolm Gladwell's The Outliers to E, with lots of explanation "so it won't go over his head," and E keeps laughing.

I'm worried that Facebook is going to overtake Blogger. It's the lazy (wo)man's Blogger. On Facebook, you can toss off witty one-liners instead of writing a fully-baked blog post. It's a low-effort way to keep in touch and keep up with other people's lives.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. When I read Please Excuse My Daughter, I came across the Jewish concept of kinehora. I realized I had been an unwitting adherent of kinehora for years. Basically, people who believe in kinehora won't acknowledge aloud the good things in their lives for fear that they will be taken away. It's very superstitious. And so am I! So I won't enumerate the good things in my life, but I'm grateful for them.


blackcrag said...

I think, no, I know your fear is well-founded. A friend of mine blogged. Then there was Facebook. He's told me, "It's just easier to write one line than take the time to write a coherent post." His blog has whithered on the vine ever since.

I admit I had a Facebook page for a while. But Facebook is a social networking site, and I found out I wasn't that social.

Poppy said...

I wrote a post totally outlining the good stuff. It's about time I had a bunch of it worthy of sharing. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bearette24 said...

BC - for a minute I thought you meant my kinehora fear was well-founded, and I got nervous!

Poppy - I will pop over and read it later :)

kitkat said...

I'm not as worried about Facebook taking over as I am about Twitter taking over (same kind of concept--quick, one-liners). I found a way to satisfy both my Facebook and Blogger needs--My "notes" on my Facebook page automatically uploads my blog posts. I still need my blog as writing exercise.

As for the stuff I'm thankful for, well, I'm kind of superstitious too, but Rich likes us to say what we're thankful for over Thanksgiving dinner.

Bearette24 said...

Right, that can't be taken away :)