Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So after I posted earlier, I popped E into his Ergo again and we went to Old Navy for non-maternity clothing (plus a little outfit for him; it had a strawberry on it and said "I'm berry cute.") Now, I didn't want to take the Ergo off so I could try things on. Instead, I tried some of my old clothes on at home, noted that they fit but were snug, and went a size up, which brought me to a medium. So I bought a medium dress, 2 medium tops, and 1 medium skirt without trying anything on. Daring, I know.

I got home and everything fit!!! Granted, the dress is kind of clingy, and I might want to lose a couple more pounds before wearing it, but the shirts and skirt fit perfectly.

Now I don't have to wear my maternity shorts anymore (though I still will sometimes, because they are big and comfortable, though they are starting to fall off and give me an unwitting hip-hop look).

I still don't want to go on the scale, though.

Question: I'd rather bring E to the doctor's office next Tuesday in the Ergo. The stroller is an unknown quantity. Can I just hold him in my arms while she, um, examines me? Has anybody else brought their baby to the 6-week appointment in a carrier instead of a stroller?


Roxanne said...

I think I brought my babes in their infant carseat, not that that would work for you. I did go to the doctor once to get my toe checked for an ingrown toenail. I was by myself since I just expected it to be an exam. The doctor ended up doing outpatient surgery on it.

Needless to say, Nate ended up breastfeeding while the doc removed half of my toenail. The creepy part of this story is that years later this doctor was found to be a stalker/molester. I don't remember the details, but I do recall that he always had a creepy nature to him. Anyhow, I don't know that you were asking for that much info. ;)

I wonder if you could bring him in the carrier and then lay him on a big blanket on the floor next to you? I would personally bring the stroller so in case he fell asleep on the way you wouldn't have to wake him.

Teacher Bee said...

I'm the girl who's always the one to ask the "stupid" questions. The ones that people look at me like, "You're really asking me this?" But if it were me, I would call the office in advance and ask if they can do the exam with E in the carrier. If not, maybe you can have a girlfriend (like your swim buddy or your hubby) to again hold him during the exam.

Liz said...

You are brave to buy without trying!

Roxanne- that is really disturbing about the doctor. Good thing he only worked on your toenail.

Bearette24 said...

Roxanne - I always love extra information ;)

TB - me too! It's a good idea. I will try to call if I think of it.

Liz - i'm daring that way ;)

I probably will end up bringing the stroller - he probably would fall asleep along the way.

BabelBabe said...

mine went in their infant carseats too - maybe you don't drive? I am sorry, I don't know. anyway, you can usually get a nurse to hold him while you have the internal part of the exam and you can hold him the rest of the time. the nurses at my doc's office are happy to hold babies : )

Caro said...

Sounds like the weight is melting off. Hooray!

His suzy said...

I buy stuff without trying too, although only at a store where I've bought a lot and know the sizes well.

Bearette24 said...

BB - yeah, I don't drive really, only when I go home to MA - NYC is a big walking city. But the nurse tip is great.

Caro - I hope so! *happy dance* It will all be revealed when they weigh me, though. Scale at home is broken.

Suzy - That's smart. Old Navy fits that description for me.

BabelBabe said...

i didnt realize you were in NYC. Of curse why bother with a car! the ergo wil work and just have a nurse hod him...