Monday, July 14, 2008

So I had lunch today with another girl who's a mom, and lives in one of the buildings of my apartment complex. T, the friend we have in common, wasn't able to make it as she was running late from a tutoring session she did. But it was great to meet the other girl, who has the same name as me. When I came in, she said, "Are you Bearette?" And I said, "Yes! Are you?" (We have the same name.)

I peppered her with questions, but she didn't seem to mind -- everything from "How long did you have to wait for your 2-bedroom apartment?" "A week and a half, but we said we'd take anything"; "How long did you breastfeed?" "Sixteen months"; "Do you want to have another one?" "Maybe"; "Did you breastfeed in public?" "I was shameless!" I, on the other hand, am shy about it, and D is definitely inhibited about it. She told me she has some great super-thin cotton shawls and would be happy to let me borrow one.

I had the best sandwich there -- smoked tofu with sundried tomatoes and pesto. It sounded so bare and puritan - smoked tofu - but it was great. I would definitely get it again.


His suzy said...

I always love people who will let you ask questions!

Liz said...

B- check these out:

A couple of friends have them and love them, because they stay in place and have an opening at the top so you can watch the baby while you're nursing.

Bearette24 said...

Oh, those look good. Thanks.