Friday, November 11, 2016

Some of my male cousins voted for Trump. One of the same cousins is crusading to end the pipeline. Um, Trump's personal investments ride on the completion of the pipeline.
Did my cousin really think Trump was going to be a friend to the environment? Only comfort is, my male cousins all live in Massachusetts, so their votes for Trump meant diddly-squat.


Rachel Federman said...

I'm having so much trouble reconciling/understanding/accepting all of this.

Bearette said...

Yeah...there's a lot of anger. I went to a birthday party today where one set of grandparents was uninvited because they voted for Trump. I have a hard time relating to Trump supporters and third-party voters. Am also liking Michael Moore's tweets. He is fired up and ready to go. He took part in the Saturday NYC protest. I was invited but didn't think I should bring Zoe. Plus a protestor got shot in Portland by one of Trump's thugs. Michael Moore wants Obama to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate FBI interference in election. He also urges civil disobedience when Trump appoints a Supreme Court justice.