Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's funny, I saw Hamilton a year and 2 months ago. No one had heard of it, and D had to talk me into it. "A play about Alexander Hamilton? All rap?" I wasn't sure it would work. It was very good (and also a little sad; both Hamilton and his son died in duels, which were held in New Jersey, because "everything is legal in New Jersey). There was a haunting scene where Hamilton and Burr got into a boat and pretended to row across the river to duel.


Rachel Federman said...

I didn't know (or forgot) that his son died that way too! I can't believe you were so far ahead of the curve.

Bearette said...

I didn't know about his son till then, either. It was definitely interesting. Lin-Manuel went to Hunter so I think the Hunter alums were eager to see it before it became a sensation