Tuesday, November 22, 2016

So Trump refused to meet with the New York Times initially, saying they were "nasty" and accusing NBC of giving him "too many chins." Today he gave in and met with them, and said some things that made him seem more sane/empathetic. He said he is not going to prosecute HRC, "she has suffered greatly." He said he doesn't really like the electoral college and would have preferred to win the popular vote. I agree with him on the electoral college - I saw some math on Facebook - a Wyoming citizen's vote is worth 362% of a Californian's vote. He went on to say that he has "an open mind" about the Paris climate change accord. He disavowed and condemned the alt-right movement, though he wouldn't admit that Steve Bannon was a part of it. So that was disappointing. But it would be amazing if he doesn't mess up the climate.

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