Monday, November 14, 2016


When Hillary lost, I felt helpless. What I didn't realize was that opportunities would come up every day. Call Nancy Pelosi to ask her to investigate voter suppression in WI, FL, NC. Call your local rep & ask that s/he refuse to work with the Trump transition team until Steve Bannon is removed. Sign a petition asking the electors to vote for Hillary, in deference to the popular vote. (4 million signatures and counting). Help Foster Campbell get elected to the Louisiana Senate (resulting in 51-49 Senate, instead of 52-48). Donate to environmental groups, gun control groups, the ACLU. Donate to Chris Murphy, the senator who vigorously opposes gun control. As Rep. John Lewis would say, #goodtrouble. 


Rachel Federman said...

Yes yes yes - glad you listed so many of the ops here for us to jump in and start/keep fighting the resistance.
Another good one is

Bearette said...

I saw that on your Twitter page. Most of the businesses I don't use anyway, but Amazon?? I was shocked they were on there. It'll be easy enough for me to avoid New Balance, Yuengling, Coors, Forbes Magazine...