Friday, September 16, 2016

Trump has asked gun owners to kill Hillary, continues to deny that Obama was born in the US, has questionable business dealings overseas that would put US national security at risk, wants to deport Mexicans and break up families in the process, urged Russia to look for Hillary's missing emails, stolen thousands of dollars (possibly millions) from thousands of people through the Trump University scam (including a couple who had to short-sell their home to avoid foreclosure), won't release his tax returns, calls women "pigs," says that women would get paid the same as men if they worked harder, accepted the endorsement of KKK leader David Duke, has read Mein Kampf and adopted many of Hitler's principles, etc.


Some people think that Hillary "lies," but saying that bullets were being shot near your plane (when they weren't) is a bush-league lie compared to the massive-scale fraud perpetrated by Trump University. Thousands of people lost their life savings because Trump said the "teachers" were "hand-picked experts." Later, under oath, Trump admitted that he had never met them. The only area where they had expertise was ripping people off. And Trump is an expert in that area as well. He is probably the biggest liar who ever existed. Anyone who votes for Trump over Hillary needs his head examined. (And I say "his" deliberately, because I don't think any sane woman would vote for him.)


Rachel Federman said...

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Bearette said...

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