Friday, September 23, 2016

I just got Zoe's class list and I've been thinking about where to have her birthday party. She wants to have it at a kids' chain that has several locations in the city. I also just got an email from this chain offering me $115 off anything I do there (including a birthday party). So that is good. The question is, which location? I'm planning to invite her old class (they all live on the Upper West Side), a few neighborhood friends, and her new class. The new class is scattered through the city, but the most popular zip code (the class list gives zip codes but not full addresses) is the east side, 27th to 41st Street.

The chain has a location near the old class (Upper West Side) AND a location near that popular zip code. I don't know which one to pick. The old class is a small group (9), but it's nice to see them; one of them had a birthday party earlier in the month. The new class is a larger group (24), but I don't know them too well yet. The rest of the new class that is not in the popular zip code is either 1) elsewhere on the East Side or 2) far downtown, like Tribeca and the financial district. None of them are on the Upper West Side (only the old class is). So it's kind of a pickle.

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