Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The smoothie post

So a while back I got a small blender, basically personal size, and I have been making smoothies in it. My standard "recipe" is strawberry, banana and soy milk. Today I threw in some blueberries on a whim. I had always resisted them in drinks because blue drinks aren't very appealing. But they give the smoothie a piquant lift. I recommend it :)


Rachel Federman said...

I remember as a kid the first smoothie I made was from a kid's cookbook - banana, oj and milk. Still good. Now I tend to do soy or almond and always use frozen banana. Your standard is a good one, with strawberries. Blueberry skins can be a little annoying I find.

You know what's amazing: almond milk, frozen banana, chocolate syrup & peanut butter. YUM!! can throw in Kale, too

Bearette said...

Yes they recommend spinach and kale in smoothies - haven't been brave enough to try it yet :)

Rachel Federman said...

it's good!