Thursday, January 02, 2014

Overheard at Disney

Father: Why are you crying about a leaf? What's wrong with you?
Son (sobbing): I WANTED TO GIVE IT TO YOU!
Father: I can get a billion leaves. (To us) Whew, that was fun. Is there any Disney vodka?

My mom did say that Disney is a good place to go to see "ill-tempered children." Though they do have fun too. I think.

On New Year's Eve we ordered a feast from room service: noodles with tofu and vegetables, pizza, Hawaiian pull-apart bread with macadamia nut butter, chocolate cake and beer. It was as nice a way to spend NYE as any. The food tasted especially good. And the weather is lovely. Why don't we all just live in Florida?


Rachel Federman said...

that feast does sound really nice!

Bearette said...

It was yummy

Rachel Federman said...

I can't get over that convo with the ungrateful dad

Bearette said...

In person it was funny.