Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's the Christmas virus

***Don't read if you're squeamish***

A couple of nights ago, Zoe puked all night...then the virus traveled efficiently to Eric and both kids were vomiting...then I lost my lunch today (an unkind reminder of pregnancy with Zoe, when I basically threw up nonstop for the first few months. The fastest food to come up during that time was yogurt. D has been far.

The puking, by some kind of Proustian association, reminded me of a trip to DC years ago when 2 of us were likewise struck by a virus. I remember my friend saying, "It's the loneliest feeling, throwing up in the middle of the night." She was right - it is a lonely feeling even if two other people are throwing up with you.

So I waxed nostalgic for the time my friend and her boyfriend lived in DC (they are now married and live in Ann Arbor). I like DC - it is big enough to be interesting, small enough to be welcoming. Our friend A also came with us. He now lives in NJ and we don't see him very often. Oh well, hopefully we can all gather again in one place at one time. That time it was New Year's Eve.


judy in ky said...

It's a tradition in my family… someone always gets sick on every major holiday!

Bearette said...

Same here. It must be the stress of holiday preparation.