Saturday, September 20, 2008

So, folks, I did it. I got my hair colored - to cover up the gray strands. I still feel self-conscious about it - first time I got it done and all. But I think I will feel better once I've washed it and it resumes its natural shape. For some reason it always looks very straight, not wavy as usual, when I have it cut.

The color's a little darker than it was before, but subtle enough that no one noticed it until I pointed it out.


kitkat said...

My hair gets straighter when I get it cut also. I always thought it was because the top part of my hair is straighter than the bottom--it gets weighed down. If I chop off the bottom part, it takes a while for the top part to realize it doesn't have that weight anymore and curl up. That's my theory anyway.

His suzy said...

I was going to ask to see a picture, but I guess if it's not really that different, there's not much point, is there? lol

Bearette24 said...

i might put one up after i wash it. i'm curious to see what people think. i still feel like it's not really "me."