Saturday, September 20, 2008

D went to the foot doctor yesterday and the doctor congratulated him on E. Then the doctor tried to tell the receptionist about it, but according to D, she was catatonic. The doctor asked, "Did you hear me? Are you there?", but she ignored him.

Then the doctor left and the receptionist decided to take an interest in the baby. "Do you have any pictures?" she asked D.

D whipped out his iPhone and showed the receptionist a picture. "What plump thighs!" said the receptionist.

Then D realized he had shown her a picture of my friend G's baby (taken at the baby gathering this past weekend). He was too embarrassed to correct his mistake. Incidentally, both of our babies have plump thighs :)


G said...

Hee!! That's too funny....I love it. Ask D if he gets a chance, to email me the pic. I just sent you some as well!

Bearette24 said...

I laughed, too :) I asked D to sync the picture from his iPhone to computer so I can send it to you - with nagging, hopefully it will happen :)

Tracy said...

ha ha ha ha!
That really made me lol!