Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You'll be happy to know I dragged myself to the pool today. I enjoyed it once I was there. The pink noodle and I swam slow laps for 20 minutes.

I also saw my pool friend. I'm usually shy with new people unless they're the friend of a friend, but this woman is very easy to talk to. She spotted my belly when I was getting out of the pool a few weeks ago and asked me a couple of questions. Turns out she is pregnant too -- but does not look it. She actually has a bigger frame than me, not in a fat way but a broad-shouldered, powerful swimmer way -- but her stomach is like a hard little apple. It's nuts!

When I got home, I did a search for due date statistics. It turns out most women, 37% or so, give birth between 40 and 41 weeks...June 10th-16th for me. But two of my friends gave birth recently and one was 2 days before her due date (39th week) and the other was 3 days before her due date (39th week). We shall see.

Another thing I have noticed is that NO ONE wants to talk about her labor. I can email a friend asking, "How was your labor?" and she'll write back, "Here, want to see some pictures of my baby?"



Roxanne said...

Hmmm...I always thought it was the opposite about labor stories. Maybe your friends and family are trying to spare you some extra anxiety. I think everyone's labor experience is so unique that it does no good to compare, but it certainly is good to compile as much info ahead of time as you can. Before my second pregnancy I was a bit obsessed because I wanted a different experience than with the first. I read ALL the issues of Midwifery Today magazine at the library and I think it really helped me.

kitkat said...

I wonder if it's because the post-birth is so overwhelming and life-changing that the actual labor doesn't seem all that important once it's over.

But hooray for summer birthdays! I always wanted a school-year birthday so I could celebrate it at school, but now I like my June birthday.

Bearette24 said...

I'm July! I wish there were a more flattering name for our sign ;)

Caro said...

I haven't seen a belly pic lately. Hint hint.

I am tall and big boned and I still looked like a cow when I was pregnant. Come to think of it, I look like a cow right now.

Mmmm, carrot cake.

Bearette24 said...

It's too frightening to put up a picture of :)

Caro said...

While you may not want to post them, I totally understand, make sure to get plenty for showing your child later. I was too embarrassed to have my pics taken and now I wish I had some. :-(

Labor is one of those things you can't describe. It's different for everybody. It's like your first ride on a roller coaster. You won't know how you react until you're on it. That's probably why your friends won't describe it.

The reward at the end is so worth it though.

Bearette24 said...

I do have a few I haven't put up. Maybe in a bit.

The roller-coaster description sounds like an apt one. Of course, I'm scared of Space Mountain. But at least in the hospital, I won't be in darkness :)

BabelBabe said...

you look ADORABLE. You're pregnant, but you're not huge. and if you want to talk labor, email me, I'll give you the scoop without scaring you : )