Sunday, April 06, 2008

On seniors, parties and smells

So D and I went to a birthday party tonight. A couple of noteworthy things happened:

1) A drunk girl, also celebrating her birthday, came over, high-fived the birthday boy, and distributed party hats to our table.

2) I met a French girl named France (one of the birthday boy's friends). She said matter-of-factly, "I am France, that is my name."

May I also mention...unrelated to the above...there is no advantage to having a heightened sense of smell? None. The *only* time it is an advantage is when I walk by the pie place near my pool...D thinks they are purposely wafting the scent of freshly baked goods onto the sidewalk. Other than that...not so good. I remember, before I even knew for sure I was pregnant, the subway car smelled like they were roasting peanuts on it. I thought I was losing my mind...and then I saw that the man next to me was eating a small packet of peanuts.

Also, I am a little jealous of the seniors in my building! They have such a good time. They have short story and poetry jams, "100 Moments of Seinfeld," trips to Atlantic City (organized by people named Irma and Ethel), movie nights followed by pizza (this month's selection is Juno), and special plays where you have to be 55 and up to get a part. They even have Social Sundays, when they eat pancakes and omelettes together at a local diner.

By the time I get old (knock on wood, I am very superstitious), seniors will probably be so commonplace, what with improved longevity and all, that we'll probably get no special treatment :(


Tracy said...

One of my dearest friends used to work for a senior center... she planned all the very fun outings for them to go on... and these were crazy rich seniors so they were really cool trips. Made me want to be old... sorta.

Caro said...

Seniors will always get special treatment. They have been around long enough to demand it. LOL

Ah, the heightened sense of smell. Yeah, it's not fun When I was preggers with A, we lived in a four-plex. The downstairs neighbors ate authentic Chinese food, not the kind you get in a restaurant but the kind that smells like rancid fish. Or at least it did to me. Every time I walked by their apartment, I gagged. I'm sure it would smell fine to me in a non-pregnant state though, certainly not trying to slam other cultures and their foods.

Bearette24 said...

Tracy - at least it's something for us to look forward to :) D and I actually joke about going to Laurelmead, a senior center near our old looks like fun.

Caro - sounds disgusting! I couldn't even eat Chinese food for a while...made my stomach turn. Then someone suggested getting it without MSG, and that seemed to do the trick.

Lisa said...

One of the signs that I'm approaching that time of the month is that my sense of smell becomes super heightened to the point that it's almost intolerable. So I feel your pain.

And I'm jealous of seniors, too. Those 55+ communities look like a lot of fun! And my grocery store has special "senior only" parking spots. (In addition to the handicap spots and the mom spots---so I basically wind up parking in Siberia)

Irene said...

Waxing on about smells and seniors? You are TRULY pregnant, dear Bearette! ;p

kitkat said...

the subway car smelled like they were roasting peanuts on it

I don't meant to laugh at your intense sense of smell, but this made me laugh aloud.

I've always wanted to take water aerobics with the old ladies. I've heard it's hard, actually, but the ladies always look like they're having a good time.

Silverstar said...

Awww, I'm sure you'll get special treatment. And I know someone who has a permanent heightened sense of doesn't sound like good times to me. :P