Friday, April 11, 2008

The unbearable heaviness of being

I got weighed today.

But the doctor is not worried about my weight gain at all. She calculated my weight gain since October (mind you, I got pg in September, but I hadn't been weighed since May. I was using my May weight as a starting point. But now I'll use the October weight, like my doctor did. Because doctors know best!). Anyway, she said, "I'm not concerned at all. You're probably going to be under fifty. How tall are you?"

"Five seven."

She made a pshaw-type sound. "I'm five zero, and I gained fifty pounds. I'm not worried at all," she assured me. "Just don't see my partner, Dr. ___. He'll tell you you've gained too much weight."

"I'm seeing him next time."

"Oh, when he says that...just let it roll off," she said airily.

Actually, I have my response planned. If he tells me I gained too much weight, I'll advise him, "If you had ever been pregnant, you would know that you don't have much control over the process." Then I'll gently brush my eyebrow with my middle finger :)

D, ever the diplomat, suggests that I ask him, "Were you able to keep weight off when you were pregnant?" I just might do that.

On a more positive note, strawberry milk is delightful.


Poppy Cede said...

If I gained 50 lbs while being pregnant I'd still weigh less than I did at my heaviest. :)

I think you are gaining a healthy amount, so keep your (middle!) fingers in your ears during the next weigh-in.

Tracy said...

hee hee... I loved the middle finger thing. You should totally do it. I wonder if he'll even notice...
Do it and then tell us all about the look on his face!!

tarasophia said...

I love D's response actually - it makes your point, but keeps it light. :-)

Incidentally, I urge you to savor these moments when heaviness is only in the eye of the scale. This week I finally reached that time where I physically feel like a beached whale with feet. It ain't fun. With all the swimming and the yoga, I'm sure you're still looking and feeling gorgeous, so enjoy it and laugh at the scale for as long as you can.

Bearette24 said...

He's good at that :)

I definitely have that whale-like feeling, especially when getting in or out of bed, or turning in the bed.

I wonder when your boy will arrive!

Bearette24 said...

Poppy - it's a good idea. Unfortunately I'd have to shut my eyes too, so as not to see the ominous black bar ;)

T - my nerve will probably fail me ;)

Irene said...

Don't worry, beautiful preggy woman!

What seems unbearable now will immediately vanish from your being at that singularly unforgettable moment when you're finally holding your baby in your arms. =)

Teacher Bee said...

This reminds me of a Sex and the City episode I watched yesterday. Some guy tells Miranda to move her fat a** and her friends come to the rescue.

"She just had a baby! What's your excuse?"

kitkat said...

I like D's response too. Or, innocently ask, "How much weight did you put on when you were pregnant?"

Although I've seen many male doctors, there's something a little unfair about them giving advice about strictly female issues.

Bearette24 said...

I know, huh? I doubt there are any female urologists.

Caro said...

The hunger is constant, or at least I felt that way. I like your eyebrow brushing response.

Bearette24 said...

Yes! And it's a really urgent hunger. As if the baby is saying, "EAT or I'm going to kill you." In a nicer way, of course ;)

Liz said...

I can definitely identify with that urgent hunger! I used to be able to ignore hunger when I was too busy/distracted to eat, but no more. I carry a snack with me at all times.